Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Sneak Peek: Northland Kansas City COVID Mass Vaccination Site Coming Soon

More hype for stalled plague cure that has been "coming soon" since around election time.

Here's just a bit more promo and location scouting . . . Check-it:

Details released about future mass vaccination site in the Northland

by: Heidi Schmidt Posted: / Updated: The Chief Medical Officer at Liberty Hospital says he doesn't know exactly when a mass vaccination site in Kansas City's Northland will open, but he knows where it will be located. Dr. Raghu Adiga talked about plans Liberty Hospital has during a call with doctors at the University of Kansas Health System Wednesday morning.


Anonymous said...

Anyone with half a brain does not want their DNA altered to stop a cold. County will be stuck with a lot of unused vaccine, watch.

Anonymous said...

^^Wrong cheesball, people want it. Let me correct myself, people with an IQ above 40 that is. We’re going back to science and no longer entertaining MAGATS. You lost, Trump lost, and the people won, science won. Go away. Try again in four years.

Anonymous said...

^^^ the koloreds wont take it, they think it has the ability to automatically abort babies, and they want their free gubmint monies for making babies! Hahahahaha!

No seriously, they actually think it’s a ploy to stop them from having babies.

Thank god they have IQ’s less than forty!

Anonymous said...

^^^ That’s part of the kkkdemoncrap plan to stop the blacks from over populating the country, they can’t have that now can they!

Anonymous said...

An mRNA vaccine does NOT alter DNA, it stimulates a cell to produce a spike protein, after which it disentegrates. It never penetrates cellular nuclei. Damn, there are some uninformed people in this world who never let their lack of knowledge get in the way of a catchy talking point.