Sunday, January 10, 2021

Show-Me Senator Blunt Talking Prez Trump

Missouri's senior Senator shares some mixed messages today on the final days in office for the Commander-In-Chief.

First, a welcomed warning that needed to be said for the sake of the nation . . .

Sen. Blunt urges Trump to be 'careful' in final days


The Missouri Republican called Trump’s decisions and actions leading up to last Wednesday’s riot “clearly reckless.” But he says the U.S. should be “thinking more about the first day of the next presidency” of President-elect Joe Biden than on removing Trump from office. Blunt says he doesn’t think Trump will act recklessly again. He told CBS’ “Face the Nation”: “My personal view is that the president touched the hot stove on Wednesday and is unlikely to touch it again.”

However, in today's "Face The Nation" Interview. He also downplays impeachment talk . . . Take a look:

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

I love Roy.
He is so hot. I want him to ride me like Kentucky Derby winner.

Anonymous said...

What a traitor! I can't believe this RINO said nothing about the 5 wily ANTIFA scum who tricked 1000 honest, hard working, but simple minded patriots into riot, vandalism, killing police, insurrection and prison!

Anonymous said...

Good ol Blunt! Instigating one insurrection is not enough, no impeachment until an
"additional ensueing event"!


What should we hit next? White House? Pentagon?
How about Ft Knox?

Hyperblogal said...

Blunt is the other senator from Missouri that I ignore.

Anonymous said...

Blunt and Hawley need to be flushed down the nearest toilet.

Anonymous said...

Good news. Trump signed the insurrection act and he's getting ready to drain the swamp.

Reality Speaker said...

Roy's always CAREFUL. Holds his finger up to see which way the wind blows, then issues a weak sentence hoping noone get angry at him.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

In addition to the treason that she spoke on 60 minutes.

Anonymous said...

Trump probably wanted folks to protest and chant outside the Capitol Building so the Senators could hear them during the electoral confirmation; but I seriously doubt he thought the Capitol police would simply run and allow protesters in the doors.

The Capitol Police looked like the French Army; I surrender...or a Spanish Matador waving a cape. Barney Fife in charge ?

We spend $600 billion a year on military and weapons, and a handful of UNARMED, overweight, good old boys in flannel shirts took over the Capitol Building in 10 minutes.

The Arkansas guy with his feet propped up on Pelosi's desk was hilarious; some of the other stuff was not. The guy with the Viking horns and fur skins looked like the typical nut you see at NFL games or the Chiefs parade. For whatever reason, the unarmed Q'Anon dude with the Charles Manson eyes was able to chase a Capitol policeman twice his size up the stairs.

Robert E. Lee and his Confederate Army never accomplished taking the Capitol in four years of warfare. It took the British two years during the War of 1812 to burn down the White House in 1814. And yet, some Yahoo from Arkansas is kicked back taking selfies in Nancy Pelosi's office within 10 minutes.

The whole thing was bizarre and makes one scratch their head on how easy the Capitol building was entered. It reminded me of the Chiefs Super Bowl parade to some extent with a lot of goofy people doing stupid things.

Read some British newsite's reader comments and they were hilarious commenting on Americans. They thought the whole thing was a circus show.

Anonymous said...

^^ Also like how we spend $600 Billion on Military weapons to kill other people, and yet our U.S. Senators, Representatives and Media frantically state violence accomplishes nothing.

Congress approves invading Iraq; let's invade Afganistan, let's invade Syria, let's invade Somalia, let's invade Bosnia, but our elected leaders scream violence accomplishes nothing when their own personal space is invaded.

Democrat Party and Media states you sometimes have to be violent to be heard all this past summer but again when their office or desk is rearranged they go into the fetal position.

Just an observation of hypocrisy.

Have a good evening Mates !!

Anonymous said...

Roy needs to resign. He supports TRUMP and HAWLEY. Both accomplished what Al Qeada terrorists could NOT do on September 11th - namely a successfull attack on the Capital building!

Anonymous said...

Whenever Roy Blunt smiles it appears to cause him pain.

Guy looks like he has hemorroids 24 / 7. Personality of Bill Belincheck.

Speaking of Belinchek; he looks pretty stupid now with his sleeveless sweatshirt showing his flabby guns since Tom Brady departed and the Patriots suck.

Before Brady left, everyone looked past Belincheck's ridiculous fashion statement; the sweat shirt wife beater.

Anonymous said...

Screw this asshole. Before any of this ever happened, he responded to my letter that he would be supporting Biden's election. All theatre.

Anonymous said...

Come on folks, use your heads. The reason the Capital was overrun in 10 minutes is because Nancy and the RINOs let it happen. This was all a setup so the Left could go full tyrant and not only shutdown, but also outright attack, conservatism.

Anonymous said...

@8:00 You MAGATS ar laughably desperate to deflect the Country's outrage and shift blame for this pointless violence and the deaths away from where it belongs, which is...

That shitheel Con Man the Russians fooled you into putting in Office has been building up to this sort of thing for four years, and now it happens.

He is responsible for this failed insurrection, and so is the entire Republican Party and every damned one of you that support him.


Anonymous said...

Bygones, right Roy.

Fuck that guy, impeach Trump.

Anonymous said...

Blunt you know trump is fascist and you have always stood by him.