Show-Me Lady Confronts Consequences For Looting Speaker's Office During Capitol Riot

Petty crime committed in the midst of an insurrection holds big consequences for this Midwest lady.

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Missouri woman charged after pictured carrying Speaker Pelosi's broken sign at Capitol riot

SULLIVAN, Mo. ( -- A Sullivan, Missouri woman is facing five federal charges after pictures show her holding House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's sign during the U.S. Capitol riot on Jan. 6. According to court document, at least two tipsters submitted screenshots of videos of Emily Hernandez at the Capitol during the riot to the FBI.


  1. Let’s see how Nancy peebrain handles the fact that this woman is a Mexican besides, if it was blm or antifa she would forgive them and let them free but since she’s a trump supporter she opt for the death penalty.

    Be careful Nancy, the Mexican people are watching.

  2. Latinos run the entire worldwide drug trade.

  3. Report violence-threatening MAGATS to the KC FBI office: 816.512.8200.

  4. She found it on the floor of the Capitol and was trying to return it to Nancy, but Nancy was getting her hair done without a mask in the Capitol Beauty Salon.

  5. Latinos control the drug industry in the USA. And the Gang industry. So she doesnt surprise me. I have lost all respect for Latinos.

  6. Really . . . a tiny wooden sign costs $870 to replace?

    That, right there, tells you everything you need to know about our government.

  7. It's hard to understand how people can be so stupid and caught up in raking "selfies" that they make videos of themselves breaking the law.
    And they'll find that the feds don't play.
    On the upside of that phenomenon, though, police body cameras will record the behavior of all the "victims" who appear in videos taken recording the police appropriately responding.
    Bad news for all the body camera activists who don't have the sense to think through the results of their "demands".
    The facts will become much clearer for the public.

  8. These people saw all the thugs who burned and looted Minneapolis, Portland and other major U.S. cities last summer and the lack of anyone trying to identify them in a public forum and thought they would be treated the same. They forgot Conservatives are treated much more harshly when it comes to breaking the law. Just ask Comey, Hillary and the other Demoncraps or RINOs who broke the law and nothing ever happened.

  9. Report violence-threatening LIBS to the KC FBI office: 816.512.8200.

  10. Everyone of those WHO entered the Capital Building were Trespassing!! Period!! And they deserve whatever fate that is bestowed upon them. Regardless of the race of the person..A terrorist group is what they were!!

    American's, who aren't properly wired in the first place. Are listening to a unethical and con person.. Who is likely headed for a bit in prison after the smoke clears..smh.. Going to be a lot of Americans with poop on their faces..At the end of the day you got played!!

  11. Actuallt the cost is to probably replace 2 entire drywall panels, join them to the ceiling, finish them, paint them and remove the old panels. I wouldnt do it for under $1,200.


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