Monday, January 04, 2021

Show-Me Fight For Legal Weed 2021

Today's reminder that the marijuana battle in the drug war has been lost. Youngsters now openly smoke weed in public with authorities powerless to stop it or do anything other than craft outdated social media post alleging the evils of a drug that's less harmful than booze and more prevalent than bubble gum.

Check-it . . .

Republican Files Legislation to Legalize Recreational Marijuana in Missouri

click to enlarge Missouri state Representative Shamed Dogan (R-Ballwin) is pushing for a constitutional amendment to legalize the sale of recreational marijuana in Missouri. The GOP representative filed a bill last week that would change the Missouri constitution and allow for voters to approve the legal sale of marijuana in Missouri for recreational use, with the goal of having the issue on the ballot in 2022.


Forty Year Opponent said...

Weed is many times more dangerous than in the sixties.
Todays weed does permanent damage to mental abilities.
Check Colorado crime statistics related to weed usage.
KCPD recently stated drivers are seriously impaired after usage.
Big Pharma and big Tobacco have joined to make billions from legalization.
Weed has always been a gateway drug to stronger drugs.
Say goodbye to your children and grandchildren, you will not see them again.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Yeah, but that's all lies.

Anonymous said...

This should already be legal and it's pathetic that it is not

They should legalize recreational weed and use the tax revenue to eliminate property taxes

Anonymous said...

I agree with Rep Dogan’s bill.

Australian Seed Bank said...

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Anonymous said...

no to recreational. yes to medical

no federal legalization - a nationwide weed company with chinese investors trying to push an intoxicating substance on american citizens? that would be crazy

if you love litter, then you will love recreational being made legal.

single use plastics industry absolutely loves the packaged products coming out of dispensaries

just one radish's perspective

Unknown said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha, get a grip