Shawnee Mission School District Desperately Seeking More Money

Tonight we consider a aign of the times and a glimpse at the growing threat of inflation for our suburban friends.

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$264 million SMSD bond issue promises upgrades, more teachers

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - The Shawnee Mission School District said, if passed, a $264 million bond will help them improve education for students. The district will use the money from the bond to rebuild five elementary schools, implement security and restrooms upgrades, improve learning spaces, and renovate the early childhood center and the career and tech center.


  1. SMSD is again running around with it's hand held out looking for more money claiming it's for the students as they daily shove out dumber and dumber kids too stupid to even write their own name much less fill a form out that someone could read.

  2. This bond issue should be voted down if for the following reasons. 1) The ploy is to move the Janitors, custodians and building maintenance workers payroll to a "Capital fund" which will derive it's funding from a bond issue. What happens to those people if the next bond issue fails? Whose jobs get cut, teachers or maintenance? This is a bad business practice Also 2) the five schools in question have for many years been upgraded and had the best tech put into them already. So why tear down the building and put up a new one. What other school district operates like that...None. I already voted no and I hope you do too.

  3. I happily voted "NO".
    Why are upgrades needed? There have been children in the buildings since last March.
    I will vote to "downgrade" the salaries of these teachers, administrators, and coaches who have not been doing shit for a year.

  4. SMSD enrollment is declining. They have to bus in section 8 kids to SM south so they can stay in 6A. Minority kids are taking over every school EXCEPT
    SM east which is the districts gem in pv and mission hills. Reorganize...readjust...move the borders and live within your means. NO...NO...NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. SM East needs more diversity. The Prairie Village snobs, with all the BLM signs in their yards, need to do far more than just console their "woke" feelings with lawn signage.

  6. Really, really bad timing to be asking residents to borrow $264 million to build new schools.

    A school board totally out of touch with reality.

  7. They need more teachers but instead of proposing a levy which can all be used for teacher salaries, they propose a bond and promise to flip some salaries to the capital fund. This is a version of 3 card monty on the taxpayers. "Look at these shiny buildings but don't look at what we should be spending your money on"


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