Senator Hawley Declines Run For Prez 2024

Pushing back against social media pundit speculation . . . The MAGA NEXTGEN leader pleads his case to Fox news.

Check-it . . .

Hawley rules out run for president in 2024, says 'there's a lot of work to do' in Senate

Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., told Fox News Tuesday that he will not seek the Republican nomination for president in 2024. "I've always said, Maria, that I'm not running for president," Hawley told "Fox News Primetime" host Maria Bartiromo. "It's a privilege to represent the state of Missouri in the United States Senate.


  1. Like he said he wasn’t a ladder-climbing, office-jumping politician?

    Any way the wind blows.

  2. What a piece of shit.

  3. Seditious, insurrectionist, cop-killing MAGAT ... rot in Hell!

  4. They torn down the American flag and the Capital and replaced it with a MAGA flag. They took the American flag and beat a policeman with it.

    Josh Hawley is 50% responsible. He should be thrown out, to work at a fast food joint forever. Loser!

  5. Lil' Joshie finally found a job in his Washington D.C. Hometown!
    Look for his resignation from the Senate in a month or so,
    he'll never have to set foot in a fly-over shithole like Missouri again!


    And as soon as Litttle Guy bails out, Parson can appoint a real Missouri Republican to that Senate seat, somebody who'll actualy do something for this State!

  6. I love how Hawley tells the Demoncraps where they can stick their reeducation camps. The guy has cahones that Adam Schiff and the other slimeballs can only dream about.

  7. 8:57 forgot his ^^.

  8. "reeducation camps". Jesus, not that tired old shit again.

  9. "Hawley rules out run for president in 2024"

    Hawley rules out run for Podunk city council in 2024.

    There. That makes more sense.

  10. Hawley is such a loser. Cop-killing seditionist. Perfect example of the violent, white, right in this country. Lock him up, lock him up!


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