Rock Chalk Sneak Peek At Proposed Northeast Kansas City Homeless Tent Slum

Concern regarding homeless housing during this COVID Winter continues to be a top priority for local activists.

Meanwhile, a proposal to lure poor souls outside of the downtown loop and resettle them near residential areas suffered a minor setback after community push back.

Nevertheless, our 2nd favorite college town offers a preview of a low-cost housing solution that will probably end horribly . . . Check-it . . .

Lawrence 'tent city' provides people experiencing homelessness with safe camping

LAWRENCE, Kan. - The City of Lawrence might have an answer to the increasing need in their homeless community. "How do you potentially build a temporary shelter for folks who may be in transition so it may lead to future opportunities down the road?" Derek Rogers, director of the Lawrence Parks and Recreation Department, said.


Anonymous said…

Q: Did you hear about the hard-up city that spent $377,000 to get a Woody?

A: The pill-maker said, "For that much money, I guarantee it'll stay up through March!!!"
KC said…
Can you book those thru Airbnb? Can't get to Aspen this winter so one of the units would be swell.
Anonymous said…

I hope there is going to be a huge area for tents in every city not just KC or Lawrence. Can anyone guess why?
Anonymous said…
So this is where mayor mckneely got the idea from. His favorite gay town of all time.