Friday, January 08, 2021

Redux: Kansas City NBA Promise Betrayed

It seems that recent slap fighting over Kansas City pro b-ball was, typically, overwrought. It turns out this town doesn't have the cash for an NBA team.

Proof . . .

CBS Sports: NBA wants $2.5 billion fee for possible expansion teams; expects offers in Vegas and Seattle, per report

Accordingly, one of our KICK-ASS READERS helps us start of the morning with an important insight on broken promises that still resonate for attentive readers.

Check-it . . .

TKC Reader: Why Did We Build The Downtown Kansas City Arena?

TKC, yesterday I was watching ESPN and a story of NBA expansion perked my ears. While watching I thought maybe, just maybe Kansas City would be mentioned. Even as a dark horse to get a team. But sadly no. According to the talking heads the two cities that are the front runners for expansion are Seattle and Las Vegas. With Montreal and Tampa being the dark horses. No talk of Kansas City anywhere.

At that moment I realized that this town built a giant fishbowl for a team that was never coming. And looking back, then mayor Kay Barnes and her right hand man Steve Glorioso knew that that a team was never coming. Kansas City is just too small with little corporate money to support three teams. Barnes administration was largely boring and do nothing. And the T-Mobile Center was her way to show this town she did something, no matter how little it was.

So when the NBA expanses to 32 teams and Kansas City is again left on the outside looking in. Remember  we have a bright and shinny building for a college basketball tournament that will leave for Texas after 2024. Concerts and events we were already getting at Kemper. And a NBA or NHL team that Barnes and Glorioso promised we will get . . . Or lied to us that we were going to get. 


Developing . . .


KC said...

Kang James and the rest of his wokescold tribe killed the NBA for many fans. Wonder why Steve Gloryholeso didn't speak up back then?

Silvestor orgalthorp said...

Pro sports teams only move to cities that have a large population market. The chiefs and royals have generational fan support. I imagine the NBA looks at Kansas City and wonders where the money is going to from

Anonymous said...

KCMO is a little beer town with fantasy champagne dreams.
The desolation of the massively-subsidized "downtown renaissance" is Exhibit A.
The empty heavily-subsidized "convention hotel" is the latest Exhibit B.
Or maybe the Waddell and Reed fiasco.
How's THE streetcar expansion coming?
The upside-down priorities over many many years continue unabated.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, Kansas City is similar to St Louis.

Not much going on except for homicides, dirty drinking water, and potholed streets.

chuck said...

Man, I am really missing the NBA here.

Wow, life would be so much better if I could just see that one guard (I can't remember his name, but he supports BLM and kneels a lot - what is his name? oh, that's right they are all the same.) run down the court and dunk the ball.

I remember that one time LeBron ran down the court and dunked the ball. Do you guys remember that? It was really something. Right after that, he was on TV holding a book and then he was the go to source for a lot of important information about the evils of America and "White Privilege".

That poor guy.

He has just been shit on his entire life and me, I do, kinda feel responsible for his pain.

I might, later today, start a GoFundMe account for LeBron.

I hope you will all, look in the mirror and "check your privilege" and write LeBron a check.

Yeah, just what we need, an NBA team, right here in KC.

Anonymous said...

How can KC possibly get an NBA team when the so called black "leaders" tell them how RACIST KC is?

Anonymous said...

Having an NBA team will just bring that many more spearchuckers to KC. Just what we need.

Anonymous said...

Surely some of the 24 million people who visit KCMO anally will stay to watch an NBA game! After they've finished taking joy rides on the streetcar of course!

Anonymous said...

8:27 IS CORRECT. KC's quota of jungle bunnies is satisfied. No more jigs required.

Anonymous said...

Chuck sit this one out you old fuck. You're so obviously not in the target market and are a small slice of old bitter fucks who don't move the needle at all when considering these things.

The reason KC will have issues getting an NBA team is the corporate presence is not up to snuff. Teams have suites to sell and those generally go to corporate customers so they can entertain clients, etc. They ain't cheap.

Anonymous said...

Nobody wants the nba here anyway, plus there is nobody with $2.5 billion dumb enough to locate a team here.

Anonymous said...

An NBA franchise is an albatross around a city’s neck. All they do is demand money from local taxpayers while disrespecting them and accusing them of racism. Go abuse some other suckers.

Anonymous said...

If the city doesn't have at least 10 of the top 1000 companies in the US, with a corporate office presence, and KC doesn't, you are not getting an NBA or NHL team. I don't think we could support either as we barely can support MLB.

Anonymous said...

We do not need a bunch of prima donna blacks moving to town. The ones we got cannot behave.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

entire power and light district and the sprint center are stupid ideas, have rendered downtown very tough for commercial activities and economic development.

when there are events the few streets that do cut all the way thru, walnut and grand, are blocked

frustrated motorists have few reasons to enter the CBD (central biz district) a concept which seem to be abandoned nowadays with highly subsidized luxury dwellings downtown being the polestar

Anonymous said...

Providing residents sanitary water is a stretch goal for the Mayor and City Council. Drink shit water for $200 a month. No thank you.

Mexico City has cleaner water than Kansas City.

Asking for paved streets is an insane request.

Anonymous said...

Marxist Media has it built up that everyone's life is going to be sunshine and lollipops with China Joe Biden as President. Expect riots this summer when that is not proven true.

The only folks enjoying sunshine and lollipops will be China Joe's family and the other Washington D.C. swamp rats.

Trump was cutting into Washington D.C.'s graft with his sanctions on Communist China. Trump brought our troops home which is not good for the industrial military complex.

A lot of sucker's voted for China Joe and you will soon be rewarded for your ignorance.

Anonymous said...

Sure would be a great venue for a professional Women's Lingerie Football Team though!

Think of it, every game sold out, and even high demand for tickets to the practices.

Come on Ladies, help the City out!
Get behind this idea!

Anonymous said...

Local personalities were pushing for a downtown arena for years claiming that if we built it they would come. Then we had to have an entertainment district so that all of the large crowds attending games would have a place to party before and after the games. We built it all tax money and have never stopped spending money the giant sink hole since. Now they are trying to sell us on a downtown baseball stadium too. Throw good money after bad they say and it will finally pay off.