Postscript: Kansas City Honors COVID Dead

Postscript on a ceremony at Liberty Memorial strangely timed around the time of Inauguration. To be fair, I'm sure that's a coincidence in much the same way and given that CNN is smacking down Tucker for misspeaking about their pandemic death ticker.

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KC participated in country-wide Inauguration Week coronavirus memorials

COVID memorials. // Photo by Jim Nimmo At sundown on Tuesday, January 19th cities all across the nation held small gatherings to pay respect to the 400,000+ Americans who have died during this pandemic. As the nation prepared for the inauguration of the 46th President, then President-elect Biden and Vice-President-elect Harris spoke to the nation from the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting...


  1. Cameltoe Harris1/23/21, 11:04 PM

    Sad, but how can this be when so many TKC keyboard doctors say there's nothing to worry about? No masks they say, no vaxx, all hype.

  2. Every single one is Q's fault.

  3. On 2/26/2020 Trump said in his news conference : "we have only 15 cases in the USA, thats all - they are going away soon, and there will not be anymore".

    He made that all up. It was a lie. The US Govt knew millions of people were sick and locked down in China. And the virus would do the same thing to Americans. Crematoriams were running at 15x normal capacity in China.

    Trump felt the virus was an embarassement to him personally and just wanted to ignore it, and he did.

  4. Byron Funkhouser1/24/21, 3:18 AM

    But then Dem Gov Cuomo proved him wrong by killing 25,000 old folks.

  5. Byron Funkhouser1/24/21, 4:11 AM

    I did not make the comment at 3:18.

  6. The dead served their political purpose.

    They gave their lives to get rid of bad orange man and elect pedojoe.

    honor them democrats.


  7. But how many people really died of COVID and how many died from other issues not related to COVID? Remember Herman Cain? They said he died of COVID when he didn't even have the virus. He died of cancer. So this is a LIE don't believer it. Don't forget many people are now dying from the vaccine.

  8. Wink Martindale1/24/21, 6:34 AM

    It's the flu.

  9. "We have to admit it, that that mixed message in the beginning, even though it was well meant to allow masks to be available for health workers, that was detrimental in getting the message across," Fauci said in an interview with Mary Louise Kelly of NPR's All Things Considered. "No doubt about it."

  10. They deliberately infected nursing homes to pump up the dead.

  11. Byron Funkhouser1/24/21, 3:14 PM

    I did not comment at 4:11 AM, and I stand by my comment at 3:18 AM.


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