Overland Park Granny Denied COVID Vaxx

Justified EPIC old school complaints remind us that THERE IS NO PLAN for distribution of the plague cure and what we've seen over the past year has been mostly panic from elected leaders.

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101-year-old Overland Park grandmother still without vaccine says granddaughter

Receiving a COVID-19 vaccine has been a challenge for many Kansans---including one 101-year-old Overland Park woman----who's granddaughter says is waiting for her shot. "How can we let this continue?" asked Traci Mattis. Mattis says her 101-year-old grandmother is still without a COVID-19 vaccine. "I want my grandma cared for and I can't go in.


Anonymous said…
Why does everyone from Johnson county think they should be the first to get everything? Sharice must not be doing a good job for her constituents if joco can’t be first in line for everything, she lied and people died.
Anonymous said…
Sharice is too busy forcing people to rename all their schools to be concerned about little things like her constituents dying from a virus.
There were actually schools with mascots like "Braves" and "Indians", and here we are in 2021!
Oh, the trauma that has caused!
Even though the schools have had these names for decades.
Time to rename Johnson County!
He ran the Indian Mission and crushed Native American culture!
The inmates are running the asylum.
Anonymous said…
why are we wasting a vaccine on a 101 year old?
Anonymous said…
JoCo has been horrible about rolling out the vaccine to the elderly. They need to explain why they're behind other parts of the country. In Texas, for example, a lot of people over 65 have gotten the first shot or are about to get it.
Anonymous said…
Only a retard would blame this on Davids.
Anonymous said…
I am glad Biden, Pelosi, Lucas, Frank White and Cleaver all got their vaccines prior to 101 year old citizens receiving their vaccines.

That is a sign of real leadership by the Democrat Party politicians.
Anonymous said…
Wake up Americans.

The politicians and global elites will receive everything first under the new Communist Democrat Party rule.

Learn the new rules; they don't give a shit about Grandma's or Grandpa's.

There is no respect for the elderly or working class Americans anymore.
Anonymous said…
^^Yep, we sure will because Republicans are fucking losers, crybabies, and faggots. You're all to much of a pussy to do a damn thing about it either! Fucking take it CHUD!
Anonymous said…
^^^^ true dat...from the fake president all through to the lowest ranked Congress members...they have been vaccinated.
Anonymous said…
Uh 8:22; our team took over the Capitol and scared the hell out of the Communist Democrats.

What have you done other than spray painting a statue?
Anonymous said…
I need 25,000 armed National Guardsmen to protect me from my citizens.

I am so afraid !

Oh no, what if the National Guardsmen turn on me.

I am more afraid !!

Joe Biden
Communist Coward in Chief
Anonymous said…
^^yep. Too bad you and every other Republican are faggots and you can't do anything but fucking cry about it though.
Anonymous said…
^^Good comeback, CHUD. Weird.
Anonymous said…
^^damn right. Republicans are pussies.
Byron Funkhouser said…
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Breaking News!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Saudi Arabia has made Biden "Camel Jockey of The Year" !!

Overnight converting America from energy independence and exporter, to dependent importer, killing the pipeline and the American oil industry and alienating our largest trading partner, Canada.

$5.00 gas on the way for those folks who drive to work, and stimulus bucks from taxpayers for many who sit on their ass and say "gibmee mor". Thanks low IQ voters!