Newsflash: Kansas City Online Dating Hookups Still Very Dangerous

Sadly, love in the time of plague has proven difficult to manage now that so many people are isolated, lonely and desperate. 

Accordingly, here's a public health warning that reveals that tragic consequences of trusting strangers on the Internets . . .

Kansas City man charged with rape, possession of child pornography

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A Kansas City, Missouri, man has been charged with rape and possession of child pornography. Independence police said a woman told them that she met 23-year old Jamen L. Jackson online and invited him to her residence, according to court documents.


  1. Random sex has always been dangerous, generally because the women indulging in it usually have some type of psychological issue. Many are borderlines. The more deviant they are, the more likely a psycho

  2. Another guess the race crime.

  3. I only hook up with men.

  4. What’s a brotha to do! Can’t rape a girl and have child pornography for stimulation any more!

    Don’t worry dude, Petersucker will forgive you, she doesn’t believe rape victims.

  5. Why only a $50,000 bond?

  6. It's all thieving China and Hunter Bidet's fault. They colluded with The Ukraine and China. We must start impeachment proceedings at once!

  7. Anonymous Cameltoe Harris said...
    Just think, Kwanzaa was just a little over 2 weeks ago. How precious.

    1/17/21, 8:37 PM


  8. Dah No kidding

  9. 250,000 bond,

  10. Antonio Simpkins and Steven Jackson was another example of illegal activity.

    Julian Williams murdered by Antonio Simpkins and Steven Jackson: Living A Nightmare on ID investigates.

    On March 25, 2017, the 23-year-old Julian was last seen getting into a taxi outside his apartment in Augusta. On his way to Beech Island, he was just over the state line in South Carolina, for what he thought was a date with a woman.

    When Julian arrived at Beech Island, he found Simpkins waiting for him with a loaded firearm. Simpkins shot him three times before burying his remains in a shallow grave behind a trailer. His accomplice, Steven Jackson, assisted him.

    The police were subsequently able to link Simpkins to Julian’s disappearance after learning that both men had been dating the same woman. Investigators determined that Simpkins had been messaging Julian under the guise of a woman looking for a date. He then managed to entice his victim to Beech Island.

  11. I was in danger through online dating. The slut I hooked up with was probably 50 lbs heavier than her online photos. Dinner cost more because she was so fat. I drove her home after I fucked her. Fortunately, the windows on my car were tinted dark enough that nobody could see how fat she was.

  12. Meets a guy online...invites him to her home. Sounds legit. I am sure that anonymous, promiscuous sex seemed exciting to her while she planned her degradation. Without stupid women, how would lowlife men get their thrills?


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