Monday, January 04, 2021

New Clay County Commish Cancels Annex

The antics and scathing accusations of middle-class Republicans against one another are worth a peek if only to witness political careers coming to a bitter end in the Northland.

Check-it . . .

New Clay County commission halts controversial annex project

A controversial $18 million county annex project is effectively on hold until Clay County's new commissioners and staff can fully understand contracts and expenses approved by former Western Commissioner Gene Owen and supported by former Eastern Commissioner Luann Ridgeway.


Anonymous said...

And yet the airport and toy train in KC remains. KC should take a page from Clay County's book.

Anonymous said...

Looks like someone is using their head instead of keeping on spending money like theres no tomorrow right kc!

Anonymous said...

To the new Commission - THANK YOU!

Reality Speaker said...

Thankful for a glimmer of financial responsibility and common sense.

Don't let us down.

Again, thanks.