Nelson-Atkins Museum & Suggested White Guilt Name Game Earns Art World Coverage

A nationwide art mag offers a round-up of a Kansas City culture war debate as the cowtown middle-class gentry attempt to hijack social justice outcry and redirect the conversation toward non-issues that have absolutely zero impact on the everyday lives of most locals.

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The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art Is Considering Changing Its Name After a Local Newspaper Surfaced Its Founder's Racist Legacy

Prompted by a report in the local newspaper about the segregationist activities of William Rockhill Nelson, the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City, Missouri, is reassessing its name and considering whether or not to continue honoring the real estate and newspaper magnate who helped found the institution.


Anonymous said…
Rename it Julian’s Anti-cop Gay Shithole
chuck said…
We can define ourselves however we want, but in the economy, at university, in the media, or anywhere in public, we can’t define ourselves. Those with power define us. And the people who have power say you are racist.

You’ve probably noticed that the people who lecture you about “white privilege” are some of the most privileged people in the world. Take a step back and see our situation for what it is.

From third-grade classrooms to the Ivy League, from the Fortune 500 to the NBA, from the Communist Party to the Libertarians, from the Vatican to the Satanic Temple, almost every institution in what we still deludedly call “Western Civilization” agrees that “racism” is the defining evil of our time.

You’ve heard of white privilege, institutional racism, systemic inequality, and antiracism. These phrases mean that if you are white you are always racist no matter what you do. Our own children are taught to hate themselves, thrown into a cult in which there is no salvation.

Many Americans voted for Barack Obama because they thought it meant we could get past race. Instead, race is almost all we talk about, and we get new double standards practically every day:

Race is a social construct and whiteness is a privilege, but it’s a scandal when a white person abandons that “privilege” and pretends to be black or Hispanic.
IQ tests are biased towards whites, but Asians score higher on IQ tests and Asian-Americans out-earn whites in the United States.
Diversity is our greatest strength, but Amazon recognizes that ethnic diversity prevents unionization because a diverse workforce has fewer common interests.
Moving into a black area is racist because it’s gentrification. Leaving one is also racist because it’s white flight.
Using anything from another culture is cultural appropriation when whites do it, but it’s wonderful when non-whites take over European history.
According to the doctrine of disparate impact, any non-discriminatory policy that results in group differences is racist — but only if blacks don’t benefit. Anything that helps them — even deliberately — is, by definition, not racist.
Whites are privileged because they have disproportionate power and wealth, but if you notice that the most disproportionately powerful and wealthy are Jews, that’s antisemitism.
White racism torments black bodies, which is why blacks need to be protected from anything “offensive.” One of those offensive things would be to point out that any given black person is 48 times more likely to commit violence against a white person than the other way around.
We live in a world where a politician who says “All Lives Matter” is considered “disgusting.”

Gregory Hood

Nietzsche wrote:

A state is called the coldest of all cold monsters. Coldly lieth it also; and this lie creepeth from its mouth: “I, the state, am the people.” It is a lie!

They hate you white boy. Now, they tear down statues, pretty soon, they will tear down your house, your life and put you down like they do in South Africa.
chuck said…
"We European-Americans are a stateless people. We have citizenship, but no country. No progress is possible until we face this.

We have no political representation. Any politician who said whites have legitimate racial interests would be crushed. Look at what happened to Steve King, whose decades of conservative service did nothing to save him after a New York Times reporter misquoted him to make him sound “racist.” He even voted to denounce himself and it did no good.

There is not a single white man in the Western world — no matter how powerful, well-connected, or wealthy — who would not lose his position if he openly defended white interests."

White boys are the NEW JEWS.

castizaje said…
Listen, white gentiles used to have their own society and were iron fist in defending their racial interests. You think if there were whites in africa the africans wouldn't discriminate against them.
chuck said…
Work - while we can still lawfully go to work.
Anonymous said…
How about Humpy Dumpy licks Black Balls Museum.
Anonymous said…
Do white men have to apologize for inventing everything ? If not for white men the world would be digging holes sith sticks to shit in as it had for the last 50 thousand years. The blacks and browns should be kissing our ass.
Anonymous said…
Everyone here is thinking, "sure are glad the BLMs didn't break in the museum and wreck it" why the f--- would we change the name for these people who cannot even speak clearly or form whole sentences?
KC said…
Damn fine writing Chuck. Thanks.
Anonymous said…

It's simple don't promote or support the Nelson Atkins museum. Let them find out how racist and dirty the black people are, and let the black people support them. I'm sure not going to and I have no white quilt I was one who supported the freedom of black people and their rights and got slapped in the face for it. Our country is divided now so choose a side folks.
KC said…
Why not have the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum take over ownership of the Nelson? Oddly Correct coffee shop can serve patrons hot black coffee (no cream) to atone for their white male ownership. What could go wrong?
Anonymous said…
The “founder” was the wife and daughter who opened the museum after the “supposed racist” husband/father died.

C’mon man! Get the story right ok! Lol!

Anonymous said…
Please, stop, just stop this nonsense. Every building, fountain, street, whatever else does not need to be renamed because someone gets butt-hurt every 12.2 seconds. This does not heal or help anything. It's pretty funny how "woke" so many people are (or pretend to be) right now. What is different now than 10-20 years ago? Other than a bunch of wild-eyed, looting, rioting bullies destroying everything in their path?
Anonymous said…
Rename it Big Gay Al's Gay Boat Ride
Anonymous said…
It'll never be enough.
Anonymous said…

My shuttlecock brings all the babes to the yard
And they're like it's better than yours
Damn right, it's better than yours
I could teach you but I'd have to charge!!!
Anonymous said…
Wow this is really going to get a lot of likes on faceberg and twatter.

But can't they do more for black trans lives?
Anonymous said…
You can change the names on buildings and fountains. You can change the identity of parks and playgrounds. You can change whatever statues you want in front of courthouses. You can claim "Whitey kept me down". You can even rewrite history books. But you can't change the facts. There is a reason the Caucasian population is higher than any other in this country and that is because the Anglo-Saxons were explorers, settlers, inventors, builders, governors (setting up government) and educated. The other races have been very lax early on about education and even today they have the lowest graduation rates of all citizens. Not all of them but more than any other. We have even made laws to protect those who won't do for themselves and protect them from themselves. What more can a society try to do for those who won't?