Saturday, January 02, 2021

More Care For Kansas Coming Soon?!?!

The Guv promises to continue her effort for healthcare access in what will certainly be a tougher climate for progressive policy change.

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Kansas governor promises another push for Medicaid expansion

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) - Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly will push again this year to expand Medicaid in Kansas even though top Republicans in the GOP-controlled Legislature are less receptive to the idea than they were last year. "I will never stop fighting for Medicaid expansion," she said during a recent Associated Press interview.


Anonymous said...

Governor Granny and the other politicians who live off the hard work of taxpayers think working class America needs to pay for politicians, government workers, and welfare queens to sit on their asses all day and live off the rest of this.

Don't these idiots realize you can tax everyone out of business.

Taxes and Covid business shutdowns are going to reach a point where everyone says fuck it and live off the government tit.

Anonymous said...

Kansas, like many of the other states, is flat broke.
And even with a 90/10 initial split with the feds, this will still be a big hit on the state budget.
So it seems unlikely that free bucks will be coming from Washington.
Seems like a really tone-deaf time to propose a huge new spending program, as needed as it may be.
Just gives those electeds who are opposed an easily-understood reason to vote against it.

Anonymous said...

Democrats love to break everyone don't they? Even more sad democrat voters go right along with it even when the end up on the streets.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't that long ago the sales tax on anything bought in Kansas as about 6%. Now it's almost 10%. Kansas taxpayers continue to get the shaft to pay for socialism.

Rob said...

She will fail at this like so many other initiatives she has pushed. I see her as (hopefully) a one term governor. She only won because the republicans overwhelmingly could not vote for Kobach. If Pompeo runs she doesn't get half the votes she did last time.

Anonymous said...

I just wish Governor Granny would wear a mask to cover her ugly mug.

Anonymous said...

Hair Stylist: So Governor Granny; how are we styling your hair today?

Governor Granny: Give me the Three Stooges Moe haircut.

Anonymous said...

Why does Governor Granny sport a Three Stooges Moe haircut? I think we all want the answer for that before we pass more welfare for losers called "Medicaid Expansion".