Mayor Q Admits KCMO COVID Vaxx FAIL

America's biggest public health effort in more than a century has been a resounding flop so far. Check Kansas City's top ranking politico blaming the Prez for it and hoping the new administration will do better.

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Mayor Lucas voices concern over part of Kansas City's vaccine rollout

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Vaccinating millions of people will not be easy, according to local health experts, even if the metro had enough vaccine for everyone who wanted it. Doctor Lee Norman, Secretary of the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, and Kansas City, Mo.


Anonymous said…
There is a plan. Every state was required to file a plan with the CDC. Evidently the Mayor and Dr. Archer were either unaware or chose not to avail themselves of the information. Instead of taking a leadership role they has chosen to just be a victim.

Grownups take decisive action in times of crisis. These two are professional complainers, political hacks and bitter kittens to boot.

Here's the plan for those interested:
Anonymous said…
^^^ damn good comment!

They had a year to prepare for this and failed miserably, The city is run by incompetent hacks that’s for damn sure.
Anonymous said…
Lucas is so concerned about the Covid issues in KCMO that he's spending the next few days in Washington schmoozing, pandering, and looking for a job that he imagines better fits his inflated talents.
Good luck, KCMO residents and taxpayers.
You're on your own!
Anonymous said…
Professor McDrinkerson has been a daily failure. Today is no different.
Anonymous said…

Lucas has failed at everything. He's a racist and an evil person. He is behind the riots in Kansas City.
Anonymous said…
The vacs will soon become a racial football once all the politicians get theirs
Anonymous said…

KS Gov. Kelly, KDHE's Colonel "KFC" Norman

KC Mayor "Clueless" Lucas, fake-Dr. Hex Archer

"Somebody needs to do something!"
"It's all Trump's fault, he should be in prison!"
"I know! I'll close all the schools and churches!"
"Shut up and wear a mask."
"Concentrate on protecting our seniors? Why would I do that?"
"But, but, I really needed a haircut."
"Prisoners are my top priority."
"The homicide count is way up? I hadn't really noticed."
"If we don't pass the 1% Earnings Tax, we'll all die from Covid!"
Anonymous said…
Top picture is his head pregnant?
Anonymous said…
As usual, those who are completely unprepared for the responsibility they sought deflect and criticize the little people whom they blame for their own failings. It happens in every autocratic regime.
Anonymous said…
A smart person does not want their DNA altered to fight a cold.
Anonymous said…
Women face it, you are generally too emotional to make good leaders. Blacks are generally too stupid. You all are just slowly destroying the civilized world white men created to take care of you.
Anonymous said…
^^and yet here YOU sit. In the middle of the day. Doing nothing to further your race. You lost cracker. You burst the bubble of white supremacy. Worthless pants-shitting goon. Do better, be best! Weird!
Anonymous said…
“Weird” you are a racist.
Anonymous said…
^^and yet so are you. Weird