Local Catholic Perspective On Plague

A Kansas City, Kansas faith community newspaper offers a worthwhile historical perspective on the repeated failings of humanity throughout the ages during times of widespread sickness.

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The Black Death and COVID-19: Understanding our shared humanity

by Therese Horvat Special to The Leaven BASEHOR - From conspiracy theories to quarantines and from symptoms to treatments, both parallels and differences exist between the Black Death that scourged the Middle Ages and today's COVID-19 pandemic.


Anonymous said…
"Without the benefits of modern medicine and technology, physicians and quacks alike tried different treatments to stem the spread and outcomes of this killer disease."

Nothing has changed. We have quacks calling the shots for political and monetary benefit.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
Issue really is the Catholic faith does not believe Christ died once for all sins. So they re-sacrifice him at mass, and convert the sacriments into Christ sacrificed body again. About 200,000 times a day worldwide.

And since Christ FAILED MISERABLY on the cross to wipe out sins - people have to wipe out their own sins by staying in purgatory for thousands of years till they paid their dues and can go to heaven.

Imagine calling Christ a FAILURE! Blasphmany!
Anonymous said…
Q-Anon really should drop their fake beliefs that politicians are killing and eating babies and blackmailing each other over the practice.

It would be far more constructive if Q-Anon would focus on the real child molesters in the Catholic Church and do something about it.