Local Bankers Fear Worthless Paper Money

The economic concerns of execs and money managers are worth consideration every time pundits and newsies celebrate more "free money" that keeps flowing from the new administration.

Accordingly, some very smart people in the Kansas City metro share worries about future of the currency whilst we all might benefit from realizing the paper money is really nothing more than a promise.

Check-it . . .

January Rural Mainstreet Index ticks up in Mo. and Kan., bankers concerned about inflation in 2021

The overall index rose to its second highest reading since before COVID-19 in the 10-state region, Missouri's rising to a regional high. A monthly survey of bank CEOs revealed their concerns in 2021 center around excessive inflation and higher long-term interest rates. The Creighton University Rural Mainstreet Index (RMI) climbed above growth neutral across the 10-state region.


  1. Byron Funkhouser1/25/21, 4:18 AM

    Ain't seen nuttin' yet. Saudi Joe shut down American oil first day in office. Now we import, instead of export. Gas will be $5.00/gal very soon. Back to Paris accords, meaning India and China can burn all the fossil fuels they want, while we have to cut back or pay carbon credits as a polluting country. AOC doesn't drive a fucking car, and could care less about your having to.

    This is what Libs, antifa, BLM and wealthy Main Stream News Elites wanted, and low informed voters gave it to 'em. Hope you can keep your jobs, cause the dims need to tax you to give it to folks comin' across the border. I'm buyin' as much Bitcoin as I can afford, cause the dollar is going down the toilet.


  2. PINKO Joe cost tens of thousands their jobs the first days of his fake office. He shut down the pipeline, so now wait for gas prices and oil prices to go up. So much for depending on our own resources. We are now back at the mercy of Saudi Arabia. The unions aren't real smart either it's funny now they are scratching their head at what just happened. Pretty stupid.

  3. The Keystone Pipeline has been shut down bu Court Orders since April of 2020, you liars!
    All Biden did was cancel an Executive Order that Trump issued and that the Supreme Court has ruled unenforceable.

  4. I did not make the comment at 4:18.

  5. Byron Funkhouser1/25/21, 10:46 AM

    I did make the comment at 4:18 and I am a card carrying communist.

  6. Libs and media stars, yes, but those are center-left types. Antifa, BLM, and those on the far left don't have the same agenda as the Biden administration. Seeing as you imply that you are one of those highly informed voters, then you should know the differences between a liberal, a leftist, and an anarcho-syndicalist.

    You may think of yourself as a highly informed voter, but I guarantee you that you are simply a high-volume media consumer. Any high volume media consumption does not equal a highly informed voter. Maybe you are engaged in politics in another way in the form of organizing, protesting, running for elections, etc., so this next part may not apply to you though I would bet it does.

    Media consumption alone does not make you actively engaged in politics. Nor does posting on a blog or tweeting out an article that fits your worldview. In this blog's comments section, I typically see this type of media consumer—high volume media consumption mixed with an insignificant amount of critical thought applied to their worldview.

  7. Jimmuh Carter's Economy will look great compared to that of Biden*.

  8. I did not make the comment at 10:46.

  9. Byron Funkhouser1/25/21, 2:20 PM

    11:07 Please take your meds, then redo that in English.

    And.....I did so make the comment at 10:46.

  10. I did make the comment at 10:46. I suffer from dementia just like our president*


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