Sunday, January 10, 2021

KCK Archbishop Leads 2021 Vigil For Life

This year and crusade against abortion will be confined to the Internets but the activism hits home with a local cleric at the helm.

Remember that the Kansas City, Kansas Archbishop Joseph Naumann offered high praise for the administration of Prez Trump and the pro-life stance of the MAGA crowd despite resistance from faithful urban leaders.

Now . . . Here's a glimpse at their upcoming effort later in this month as conservatives confront their new status as the political minority in the nation's capitol.

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National Prayer Vigil for Life will be virtual this year

Each year on the night before the annual March for Life, at least 10,000 people have filled the Great Upper Church of the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington for the National Prayer Vigil for Life.


Anonymous said...

Wondering if the bishops still support their "pro life" buddy, Trump.
By the way. Nice outfit, Joe.

KC said...

Under Harris/Biden, abortion will replace birth control pills as the de facto method of family planning for females 11 years and older.

Anonymous said...


Don't mean a thing, if you ain't got that bling!!!

Tab said...

You cant be a Dim0crat & a catholic or you are unrepentant