Friday, January 01, 2021

Kansas Stays Losing COVID Vaxx Rollout Whilst Missouri Makes More Progress

Sunflower State vaxx numbers are the worst in the nation. Missouri is doing much better as overall the public health push seems stalled.

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Kansas last in vaccine distribution; Missouri has vaccinated 5 times more people

KANSAS/MISSOURI (KCTV) -- The federal government is taking heavy criticism for the slow rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine distribution, a measure for which Kansas ranks dead last, according to data compiled by Bloomberg News from the CDC, along with state and local governments.


Anonymous said...

"Dead last" is certainly the correct description in this case.

Anonymous said...

Kansas can't pay unemployment benefits.
And now isn't able to administer a vaccine.
Anybody home at the capitol in Topeka?

Anonymous said...

Where is the know-it-all pain in the ass Governor?
Oh! That's right. She got her fucking vaccination.

Anonymous said...

Somebody wake up the stupid, in-over-her-head Kansas governor from her nap and tell her to start vaccinating Kansans now. She's already set herself up to be a one-termer.

Anonymous said...

What fucking sense does it make that 90% of kansas’ vaccine is sitting around? GET WORKING IDIOTS! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR???!!!