Kansas Rep. Sharice Davids Leads LGBT Coalition In Support Of Team Biden

Kansas Democratic Party leader Rep. Sharice Davids shows her pride in the new administration by way of a virtual inaugural party and rally in support of the boss. 

Look for her amid this celebrity cavalcade of NEXTGEN leaders.

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Human Rights Campaign to Host "The Power of Equality," An Online LGBTQ Inaugural Event Commemorating the Historic Election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

Skip to Content Share on Twitter LinkedIn Facebook Email Human Rights Campaign announced it will be broadcasting an online premier inaugural event on January 20th to commemorate the historic election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.


  1. Of course sharice sitting bulldyke is, this is the only thing she will ever do, she only cares about eating at the “Y”

  2. ^^OK Boomer, the only thing you care about is cat food and shitty diapers so...


  3. this has nothing to do with the power of equality. This has to do with bullying people who don't agree with homosexuality to be punished and have the gay agenda shoved down their throat. How would Sharice Davids like it if Christians shoved their beliefs down her throat and threatened to jail her if she didn't believe our way? This is what communism is like exactly, and this is what Sharice Davids is pushing on us. Time to fight back don't sit and be complacent.

  4. Great a bunch of sexual confused Karencrats in DC, just what we need.

  5. How about we all get "My Hero's killed Gay Indians" T-shirts?

  6. The violent and scared to death left said....

    Participants in a rehearsal for President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration were evacuated from the West Front of the Capitol on orders of security officials after a fire in a homeless encampment, officials said.

    Those who had gathered for a walk-through, including a military band, were directed to head indoors and moved in the directed of a secure location inside the Capitol complex.

    People involved in the rehearsal said security officials yelled “this is not a drill.” Four law enforcement officials told The Associated Press there had been a blaze several blocks over and the rehearsal was evacuated in an abundance of caution.

    Are you kidding me? Now they’re scared to death of a homeless camp fire not even close to the capitol, Jesus Christ man, Washington is full of pussies since Trump is leaving. And these are the people that are supposed to be in charge of protecting the country. Just what Russia and chyna wanted and China joe and both his hoes is giving it to them.

  7. All my heros taught savages how to be civilized.

  8. 9:59 is dead on the money.

  9. Hey, will Sleepy Joe let LGBTQ immigrants heading to the border right now through? He told the rest of them to stay out so i'm guessing not. Celebrate that crap online suckers.

    Guess what you lefties and independents... Biden & Company just started walking away from the crap you believed during his campaign. Get used to it happening.

    You clowns were Moss'd.


  10. Hopefully the Honduras caravan train of illegal immigrants will arrive in time for Biden's inauguration.

    Biden will allow illegal immigrants through his Washington D.C. razor wire fence and concrete wall but not American citizens.

  11. Kansas should be proud of Representative Davis and her leadership. Diversity is the future, which is hell for you homophobic haters who fear change. So glad decency is returning to the White House.

    1. Proud? What has she done? Nothing! Just because she eats $ussy don't count. She is a rubber stamp bought and paid for.

  12. Any working class white, hispanic or black American will regret voting for Biden when they see their wages further depressed by illegal immigrants taking their jobs for lower wages.

    Dumb, dumb, dumb voting for the Marxist Democrats and Biden.

  13. 11:35:
    We do.
    October 31st.

  14. Byron Funkhouser1/18/21, 12:00 PM

    First 11:35, well said.

    Second 11:35, have you never heard of Pride Month?

    11:04, you're a pathetic hateful troll. Don't ever have your DNA tested; you might learn things about yourself that you don't really want to know.

    The probability of any one in America being 100% European approaches zero.

  15. Fuck you Byron, it was so nice and peaceful when you went away to jail for welfare fraud.

  16. Byron has a point about DNA testing. Anytime you get your DNA tested or get involved in genealogy, you'd better be prepared for some surprises.

  17. "The probability of any one in America being 100% European approaches zero." says the village idiot.

    My whole family is easily traced back to Europe so STFU loser.

  18. The new President and male members of his cabinet will host a gloryhole breakfast on the 21st. Come and guess which big wig's load you just got. Prizes awarded for best volume, color, and taste. Cum one cum all.

  19. Byron Funkhouser1/18/21, 3:52 PM

    12:20, I never went "went away to jail for welfare fraud."

    I'm not on welfare, so there's that.

    Trumptards have to be constantly fact checked because they are habitual liars.

    1:53 families lie about parentage. DNA never does.

    STFU, your self, loser.

  20. Mow the lawn and shut up Sitting Bulldyke!

  21. @ 1135....Who is representative Davis? Didn't pass that spelling test in second grade did ya?

  22. Witch ain't nothing but the Emporess Pelosi's rubber stamp with a fat nose. She is as useless as Quit'n Clueless.

  23. Orwell wouldn’t be surprised.

  24. "My whole family is easily traced back to Europe so STFU loser"

    And yet I bet you're afraid to have your DNA tested. Please share with us the results when you get them.

  25. 12:20, Byron was not in jail for welfare fraud. He was in a paternity suit when his neighbor’s prize goat had some retarded kids.


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