Kansas Politico Troll Rep. Coleman Shut Out

The mediocre Midwest performance artist disguised as an elected official isn't getting any play from his colleagues who have excluded him from any significant role in the upcoming Kansas State House session. Overall, this is bad news for The Dotte and one more sign that this running gag has backfired on the young politico.

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New Kansas legislator under court order denied committee seats

by: AP Wire Posted: / Updated: TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) - The top Democrat in the Kansas House has refused to give an incoming lawmaker any committee assignments over issues that include an anti-stalking court order filed against him after he won his seat.


  1. Own him Dems. He is one of yours.

  2. Tony thx for covering this but why do you doubt the motives of this duly-elected young man? He worked hard and asked for votes and won. A dull lazy incumbent got beat. The voters spoke. Are we not a republic any more?

    Who cares if he talks tough on the internet. He is twenty. He works a real job and is exactly what Kansans who work who are overtaxed need in Topeka because Kansans who don’t work but are rural ag landowners who inherit land wealth tax-free& don’t pay shit in state taxes almost zero in payroll taxes and no corporate taxes a corporate big ag welfare state. Wreck our clean air and water and get nothing for it yet tons of public investment in infrastructure e.g. roads bridges makes it possible

  3. Tune in tomorrow for another exciting episode of When Democrats Attack Other Democrats!


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