Wednesday, January 06, 2021

Kansas MAGA Rally Concludes Boringly

No excitement from MAGA supporters in Topeka today as a solidly red state that made impressive gains during the last election might have trouble claiming they were disenfranchised.

Check-it . . .

Rally at Kansas Statehouse remains peaceful as hundreds gather in support of Trump

TOPEKA, Kan. - A rally at the Kansas Capitol in Topeka remained peaceful Wednesday. Protesters started gathering outside on the lawn and eventually moved inside the building. Hundreds of people were there to support the effort to contest the electoral vote in Washington D.C. Some held American flags while others held Trump flags.


Tab said...

Well, with no blm in attendence there was no burning or looting. Only a peaceful protest.

Anonymous said...

Shame on any of these traitors who were holding American Flags!
The Flag of this Country is sullied by being anywhere near the Flag of that tin-pot would-be Dictator.

Anonymous said...

I hope they were all photographed and their car tags recorded. They will be back to cause trouble.