Kansas Hopes For Prez Pompeo?!?!

Local Republicans aren't afraid to suggest the former SecState run for nation's highest office . . . If only because it will keep the right-wing heavyweight from upsetting the balance of power in the Sunflower State.

Accordingly, here's a bit of clock watching that every conservative has undertaken . . . Check-it:

Pompeo starts countdown to next election on first day out of office

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Mike Pompeo State Dept. to review Trump admin's decision to label Houthis a terrorist organization VOA reinstates White House reporter reassigned after questioning Pompeo Jilani: China 'sending clear message' to Biden officials with sanctions that opposition could lead to 'future pay cut' MORE tweeted a countdown to the 2024 presidential election on Thursday, President Biden's first full day in office.


  1. I’m a staunch Republican and I would vote for Bernie Sanders before I would ever vote for fat lardass Pompeo. He is an obese pompous blowhard. The only way I would vote for Pompeo is if his opponent was a homosexual.

  2. ^^^So Lindsay Graham is out of the question, right?

  3. Great. More MAGAT STANK.

  4. He should be the next Kansas governor. Lord knows Gov. Granny has done a lousy job with the unemployment payment fiasco and the terrible rollout of COVID vaccinations. Absolutely no leadership skills from her.

  5. 12:14, every word you wrote is a lie. Including "a" and "the."

  6. "The Pompussy" is far too contaminated with the stench of Trump to be elected anywhere not dominated by an overabundance of those "Commie Reds"!

    Governor of a "Commie Red" State? Maybe, for one term.

  7. He is crazy! He stood at the podium and said Trump would have a 2nd term. He said it AFTER ALL VOTES WERE CERTIFIED.

    He is crazy!


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