Friday, January 22, 2021

Kansas Democratic Party Fight Against Embattled Rep. Aaron Coleman Dropped

It turns out the Kansas Democratic Party is giving this young politico a second chance and will stall the devastating power of their angry letter against him in order to focus on defending and embattled governor.

Here's the aftermath of the successful push to against an upstart politico who now identifies an an independent.

Read more about the "maligned" young rep.:

Complaint against Kansas Rep. Aaron Coleman dismissed by panel

TOPEKA, KS (KCTV) -- The Kansas House Select Investigating Committee has dismissed the complaint filed against Kansas House Rep. Aaron Coleman (D-Wyandotte County). Coleman was given an "informal letter of warning and admonishment" according to a release from the Kansas House Democrats. Kansas House Minority Leader Tom Sawyer called the decision "disappointing."


Anonymous said...

They should have continued the fight. This guy needs to be kicked out and never have another day in politics.....though, he seems to be the typical psychotic Dem perv

Anonymous said...

^^^ TRUTH.

Anonymous said...

He's yours Democrats. Own it.

Anonymous said...

HE can identify as whatever he wants but he's still a Democrat.