Kansas City Winter Week In Review

Right now local newsies offer a roundup of the nation in the midst of a "mostly peaceful" transition of power despite threats, mandates and dire predictions.

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"Nick Haines, Micheal Mahoney, Cat Reid, Eric Wesson & Steve Kraske discuss corporations pulling campaign contributions to Josh Hawley and Roger Marshall following the electoral vote challenge, potential Biden appointees from Kansas and Missouri, Quinton Lucas extending mask mandate and relaxing restrictions on bars and restaurants, the escalating eviction crisis, Parson and Kelly speeches & more."

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  1. Corporations pulling money from Josh Hawley is just plain hatred and those big corporations will suffer. They are losing billions already by accusing the GOP of the capitol riot when it was Anti Trump white supremacy and ANTIFA and. The woman who said she attacked because she listened to Trump are lies from the democrats that they learned and used from the CCP. The democrats are really playing this up. The blame goes mostly on black people who cheated in black areas.

    Watch Lucas pull the mask mandate when he follows the leader in NYC. Cuomo and Lightfoot are saying everything Trump wanted but wouldn't do it until Trump was out of office. They are saying to open everything back up now. Lucas will do the same. Lucas is stupid and has no business running a city at his age and at his mental capacity. So look up KC the masks are going to come off soon.


    Stories the WEAK won't touch:

    How come apparently no one at KCPT or The Weak In Review know any Conservatives/Republicans/Independents, to invite them on the show to present a balanced panel? Why does the invited panel of 4 always have 3-4 politically liberal guests?

    Why was PBS' national legal counsel fired after saying children from Trump supporting households should be removed and sent to re-education camps?

    If Covid-19 is really a public health concern in KCMO, why are the Chiefs allowed to play games without masks, while thousands of people throng into the stadium?

    If KCMO is a nice place to live, how come almost everyone who appears on this program is a KC non-resident?

    Why is KCMO Health Department Director Rex Archer such a poor personal example of good health?

    If Mayor Quinton Lucas is really committed long-term to KCMO, how come he owns no real estate in KC, isn't married, has no children in KC schools, worked in Lawrence, and lives in a City-owned apartment building that pays no property tax? Isn't he really a carpet-bagger?

    Why was Kansas Governor Laura "Granny" Kelly the FIRST governor in the nation to close schools on March 17 2020, ahead of California/New York/New Jersey ?

    Why was a million (+) dollar no-bid KS state contract awarded to a private individual for Chinese-made plastic specimen collection tubes, when a KS state agency could have easily used the phone/internet to order the same thing at a fraction of the cost?

    Why have KS Gov. Kelly and KDHE Director Colonel "KFC" Norman repeatedly and purposely manipulated data and lied to KS residents?

    Why were PCR tests widely encouraged and performed when the cycle threshold utilized made them worthless and unreliable?


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