Friday, January 22, 2021

Kansas City Will Ignore Celebratory Gunfire Warnings If Chiefs Repeat Super Bowl

Hopeful legislation and stern rebuke from authorities seems reasonable in the light of day. Sadly, drunken coach potatoes enjoying football glory vicariously are tougher to convince.

And so, once again we're confronted with the tragic fact that politics is mostly powerful to prevent gunfire.

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Legislation introduced to outlaw celebratory gunfire within city limits

By John Sharp Celebratory gunfire continued to be a major problem in KCMO during the New Year's holiday, and a spokesman for the Kansas City Police Department said occupants of 12 residences reported bullets hitting their homes. Sgt.


Anonymous said...

That’s funny, it’s always been illegal to shoot firearms in city limits. What a joke.

Anonymous said...

There won't be any celebratory gunfire. Just homicides and homocides as normal.

Anonymous said...

^^Fingers crossed they get you soon!

Anonymous said...

^^Just like the virus, it hasn't happened and won't happen latteboi.

Wall E. Weasel said...

"That’s funny, it’s always been illegal to shoot firearms in city limits. What a joke."

That was my first thought as well. Just to summarize the situation:

1. KC has a problem with celebratory gunfire.
2. It's already illegal to discharge a firearm within KC city limits.
3. KCPD announces it will not respond to reports of celebratory gunfire because it does not want to confront known armed suspects and will only investigate when the gunfire repeatedly occurs over several instances.
4. The correct solution is obviously to make discharging a firearm within city limits illegal throughout the state instead of making the KC city laws more formidable or actually enforcing the existing city laws.
5. This will end the already illegal celebratory gunfire in KC because it will also be illegal in all other cities, even though KCPD still will not respond to the reports of gunfire.

This makes sense. The proposed solution is certain to make a difference.

Also, Tony, I don't think Andy Reid (or his look-alike) would much appreciate your "drunken coach potato" comment.

Anonymous said...

a state law on celebratory gunfire would miss the mark, haha, because in the sticks, man, who really cares if you wanna shoot your gun in the air?

maybe increase the penalties and having specific law targeting it will get the point across, make it so the PD can't punt if citizens call in to make complaints of its violations, etc.

Anonymous said...

That's funny. There will be no repeat superbowl.

Anonymous said...

^^and you said they would be one-and done too. Wrong! LOL! Fuck your feelings!

Anonymous said...

Typical, typical.

Hyperblogal said...

This is just too piecemeal.... just outlaw evil.

PSA said...

Just another ignorant law that won't be enforced because those who call in the reports know who is doing the shooting but won't say.

You want to stop the shooting then tell us who is doing it so they can be arrested.