Saturday, January 09, 2021

Kansas City Vaxx Fight Against COVID Stalls

The pandemic persists and we share some of top local stories on the worsening plague along with a few hopeful missives on the vaxx push back that’s starting far too slow despite a historic public health push.

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American COVID Vaxx Scarcity Revealed

Amid slow rollout, some local health providers say they're already running out of COVID-19 vaccine

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - COVID-19 vaccine distribution has been a slow process, and some local health care providers say they're running out doses. "Yeah, we're down to just a final little bit. We've got a couple other clinics we're working with to bring them in," said Patrick Salle, CEO of Vibrant Health KC.

KC Carryout Cure Challenge

Covid-19 drive-thru vaccine clinics more difficult to operate than you might think

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- A drive-thru Covid-19 vaccine clinic sounds like an easy way to vaccinate thousands of people in an efficient way. One in Lake County, Illinois has been working well. The county north of Chicago opened the drive-thru clinic for health care workers who do not work at a hospital.

Plague Symptoms Persist

KC man says he's been battling the effects of COVID-19 for weeks

Six weeks after a COVID-19 diagnosis, with a fever that lasted only two days, a Kansas City, Missouri, man is still complaining of brain fog, fatigue and trouble breathing."Today, I feel like crap," Scott Jolley said.He says it like it is."It just feels like there's concrete in my lungs," Jolley said.For a month and a half, he said he's been battling the effects of COVID-19."What would you say the hardest part of this whole ordeal has been for you?"

Convincing Community

Kansas City area doctors urge Black residents to get vaccine

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) - A group of Kansas City-area medical professionals is leading an effort to persuade Black residents in the metro area to overcome their skepticism and get the COVID-19 vaccine. Kansas City's Black Health Care Coalition and and a team of Black medical professionals are working to get information about the vaccine to about 45,000 Black residents in the region.

Schools Still Adapting To COVID

Unified Government announcing COVID-19 changes for schools

The Unified Government Public Health Department representing all of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kansas, announced a new set of COVID-19 protocols, aimed at keeping more students in the classroom.These protocols are changes in the current Public Health Order. Officials said as of this month, schools will see relaxed quarantine procedures.

Show-Me Push To Craft Legal COVID Immunity

Missouri Chamber Wants Legislature To Protect Businesses From COVID-19 Lawsuits

The plan focuses on transportation infrastructure, increasing job opportunities and training as well as protecting employers from COVID-19 related litigation. Chamber President Dan Mehan emphasizes the importance of states propelling their own recovery, saying "(Washington) D.C. has demonstrated an absolute ability to do nothing."

Await Midwest Vaxx Quickening

Health departments in Missouri, Kansas prepare to escalate vaccine distribution

KANSAS CITY, M) (KCTV) -- Health officials are outlining what the next stage in the Coronavirus vaccine rollout could look like. As of Thursday afternoon, Kansas had initiated vaccines for 35 thousand people, roughly one percent of the state's population. Missouri had vaccinated 105 thousand, roughly 1.8 percent of the state's population.

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I think China Joe will play the race game with vaccine once phase one is done,gonna matter who you look like

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The Biden vaccine will be rolled out en mass once Biden takes office. He will get it into the arms of Americans in a record amount of time. Thank you President Biden!

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Attention! Though he did absolutely nothing to produce it, we will now rebrand the vaccine as the Biden vaccine.

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Communicate in English please.

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1232: translation: Trump is a stupid fuckup who fucked up vaccine deployment much like he has sucked at everything he’s done.