Sunday, January 03, 2021

Kansas City Sunday Real Estate Pr0n Exposed

Check this worthwhile story on selling fancy shelter under the guise of a better life to the upwardly mobile.

The eye candy is nice intended to attract greater fools into a mortgage they probably can't afford.

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My Most Memorable Room Makeover: Design Connection, Inc.'s Arlene Ladegaard - In Kansas City

We wanted to hear from local interior designers about their most memorable makeover-the good, the bad, and the ugly. Veteran designer Arlene Ladegaard of Design Connection, Inc., shares a classic dining room redo. To this day, this Overland Park project for her clients (who were updating their 2002 home) remains her favorite: I love this dining room.


Anonymous said...

While hundreds of thousands in Our city starve. We hear about upper crust make overs.

Anonymous said...

This new “angelic” (white, silver-y, pure) trend is almost as bad as any floral bullshit.

Guys buy houses, chicks decorate them.

Cut it out with the boner killing schemes... you really wanna bang a broad in that dining room?

Anonymous said...

Eat the rich after torture.