Sunday, January 10, 2021

Kansas City Sunday Night Headlines

A glimpse and roundup of some of the more important news items we're checking tonight.

Kansas City Vaxx Testimony

Saint Luke's nurse details her COVID-19 vaccine journey

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The front line workers at Saint Luke's got their last dose of Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine last week. A little more than three weeks ago, the hospital started to vaccinate front line workers. Kristin Sollars was the first nurse at Saint Luke's to get the shot as she works frequently with COVID-19 patients.

Rock Chalk Latrine History

Kansas man digs up old outhouses, finds pieces of history

by: Emily Younger and Nexstar Media Wire Posted: / Updated: HOLTON, Kan. ( KSNW) - Would you dig up an outhouse for fun? One Kansas man has made a hobby out of it. "There's only a couple of us who do this in the state," said Kenny Resser.

MO Pay For Teachers

Missouri education chief says boosting teacher pay remains a top priority

Missouri's average teacher salary is roughly $42,000 - ranking it about 42nd in the nation. The state's starting teacher pay of $25,000 has not been changed in 15 years.Compensation for educators is mainly decided at the local level, but for years Missouri has been experiencing a decline in recruiting people to the profession and also keeping them around.

Impeachment Monday Awaits

Pelosi to move forward with impeachment if Pence doesn't act to remove Trump

"In protecting our Constitution and our Democracy, we will act with urgency, because this President represents an imminent threat to both," Pelosi said in the letter to Democrats on Sunday night laying out next steps.

Tech Vs. Prez

The day that the internet turned on Trump

President Donald Trump's internet empire has come crashing down. Twitter permanently suspended his account Friday. Facebook a day earlier blocked him indefinitely. And any hope he might have had of quickly gaining a big following on Parler, a social network with lax rules, was dashed when Google and then Apple removed it from their app stores.

Show-Me Free Money Help???

Biden's $2,000 stimulus check may not pass without Josh Hawley's support

President-elect Joe Biden promised $2,000 stimulus checks after his inauguration, and having now secured control of both chambers of Congress, Democrats will soon be expected to deliver the legislation. However, they may need the support of Republican Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri-who has faced intense scrutiny following last Wednesday's deadly Capitol riot-to pass the measure.

Veep-Elect Faux Pas

Vogue's Kamala Harris cover sparks social-media frenzy: 'What a mess up'

The cover of February's upcoming issue of Vogue, which features Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris, has been widely criticized on social media. Some fans of the future VP are claiming Harris looks washed out in the photo while others say the cover's style doesn't give her the respect she deserves.

Church Camp Out

'Freezin' for a Reason': Blue Springs church raising awareness and supplies for homeless in Kansas City

BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. - A small church in Blue Springs has been "Freezin' for a Reason" for years. Every second weekend in January, church members camp outside using nothing but surplus wood and plastic tarps for shelter. They raise money and supplies for more than a dozen agencies that benefit the homeless in Kansas City.

Game Time Check

NFL announces Chiefs' Divisional round date and time

The NFL has announced the 2020 Divisional round playoff schedule. The Kansas City Chiefs will host either the Baltimore Ravens or Cleveland Browns on Sunday, January 17, at 2:05 p.m. Arrowhead Time. The winner of Sunday's game at Arrowhead Stadium will move on to play the winner of Saturday's game in Buffalo in the AFC championship.

Kansas City Winter Heat Wave

We're warming things up to start the work week


And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now.


Anonymous said...

What if the rioters had got ahold of Mike Pence? Strung him up? In a noose? Go MAGA...

Anonymous said...

You can never have to few lickspittles. But wait did Pence grow half a ball and get slightly annoyed when Trump tried to assassinate his family?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

^^No, it isn't.

Anonymous said...

That CHUD who tased himself in the balls and had a heart attack is the new martyr of the whole shitheel movement.

Anonymous said...

Democrat greedy Teachers Union slobs work 24/7.

i.e. 24 hrs a week, 7 months a year.

they now want Mo' Money!

Anonymous said...

THE PEOPLE DEMAND the editor of vogue resigns.

Anonymous said...

The truth : even though you will ALL hate it.

A criminal investigation by the Manhattan district attorney, Cyrus R. Vance Jr., will end up with Donald Trump being found guilty of massive tax fraud over a long period of time, adding up to hundred of million in lost taxes. Trump will be sentenced to prison along with many others. He will then flee to Russia on a private jet, and Russia does NOT have an extradition treaty. He will then be a TV personality in Russia, specializing in criticizing the USA. He will be a consultant to Russian intelligence and tell them the information he learned about US defenses while president. Golf with Putin, be a star again. It will be found out that Qanon is a fake ploy that his supporters setup to gain him followers and that there was no voter fraud at all in the 2020 election - he lied about the win being stolen. After he leaves the country, many women will come forward stating he raped them. Trump MAGA supporters will be universally hated and investigated and legally descriminated against their whole lives. Trump will become hated MORE than Bid Laden. He will never return to the USA. He will die at age 83 in Russia and be hailed as the greatest intelligence asset that they ever had. He will receive numerous Russian commendations and medals and his upon death will receive an elaborate state funeral and be buried near Lenin. The Russian will hold this victory over the USA for as long as the 2 counties exist. That is all.

Anonymous said...

Dont forget, Dominion Voting sued Sidney Powell for slander asking 1.3 BILLION $ and they will sue Trump for even more once he is out of office. The only defense in a slander or liable suit is to prove beyond a reasonable doubt your statements are true. No proof - you lose and pay up.

Plus Trump has 654 million $ in loans due on covid19 struck resort propertys with no income.

Plus Deutch Bank will no longer refi his loans.

Plus Trumps wive is pissed he didnt like the renovations she did to Mar Largo last month.

Trump may kill himself

Anonymous said...

And yet no Mention of Biden and his Family business deals. How ironic.

Anonymous said...

Libs have convenient short memories due to their latent hypocrisy. Evil people they are.

Anonymous said...

My wife works on on one with special ed kids full time in a public school. She makes $18k per year. She won't quit because she loves the kids. Even if the teachers get a raise, she, and all Instructional Assistants, will be left out again. But, the administration will still be taking home six figures.

Jim said...

Cummala Harris came up in Politics the hard way, under Willie Brown.

Anonymous said...

If Resser digs into the right Crapper, maybe he can uncover the Soul of the Republican Party.

Anonymous said...

"Democrat greedy Teachers Union slobs work 24/7.

i.e. 24 hrs a week, 7 months a year.

they now want Mo' Money!"

If you think teaching is so easy, why aren't you applying? Oh, yeah. It's because you keep flunking your GED test.

Anonymous said...

Cumula Harris is fat, ugly and hateful. Not a good combination.

Vogue cover looks exactly like her. Only missing Mayor Willie Brown's spunk dangling from her double-chin.

Anonymous said...

^^^And yet she will be Vice President and you'll still be posting on TKC from your rusted trailer in Frogville. Weird, huh? What with your looks and physique and all that?

Chuck's dick in trumps ass says said...

.....So Qrap-a-None @9:54....why is there toilet paper stuck to your lips?...Oh!, still tryin' to get all that brown mudlike substance off?..y'look better with it...must fuckin' taste good for a second helping.....

Anonymous said...

Please get back on your meds.