Sunday, January 31, 2021

Kansas City Sunday News Sit Down

Right now we notice that angelic hottie Erin is undergoing a well-deserved career renaissance in Chicago and that inspires us to share community news, pop culture and top headlines.

KC COVID Recovery?!?

New COVID-19 hospitalizations drop slightly in Kansas City metro since last week

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- New coronavirus-related hospitalizations have declined slightly in the Kansas City metro area since this time last week. Hospitalizations decreased by just under one percent over the past seven days in the metro area. Some counties saw significant decreases, while a few notable areas had increased new hospitalizations.

Car Crime Cont’d

Catalytic converters stolen from KC businesses, nonprofit

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Several catalytic converters have been stolen from Kansas and Missouri businesses and nonprofits, cutting into their bottom line. Gold Star Motors KS in Kansas City, Kansas, was one of those businesses.

COVID Road To Glory

KCK bus company inviting fans to drive to Tampa for Super Bowl 55

KANSAS CITY, KS (KCTV) -- A KCK bus company is inviting Chiefs fans to come along on a road trip to Super Bowl 55 in Tampa. "We promise a lot of fun. It's going to be a blast," Operations Manager of Heartland Trailways, David Burnett said.

Hottie Erin Redux

Victoria's Secret Model Quits Smoking, Gets Jacked

She was scouted at 17, and she put on her first Victoria's Secret angel wings at 21. Now the 30-year-old supermodel is returning to her roots, postbankruptcy - living in River North and reconnecting with the girl who fell in love with basketball, swimming, and healthy foods while growing up in Skokie.

Former Prez Trump Seyz Goodbye To Legal Team

First on CNN: Five of Trump's impeachment defense attorneys leave team less than two weeks before trial

Five of former President Donald Trump's impeachment defense team attorneys have stepped aside a little more than a week before his Senate trial is set to begin, according to people familiar with the case, amid a disagreement over his legal strategy.

Profiting From Veep

White House facing optics issue with Kamala Harris' ambitious niece

Meena Harris, the industrious and outspoken niece of Vice President Kamala Harris, is creating an optics issue for the White House. Meena, 36, flew to the Inauguration on the private plane of a Biden inaugural donor and posted about the trip on her Instagram stories.

Vaxx Protest Spikes

Anti-vaccine protesters temporarily shut down vaccine site

The Los Angeles Times reports that one of the largest vaccination sites in the nation temporarily shut down Saturday because dozen of protesters blocked the entrance, stalling hundreds of motorists who had been waiting in line for hours LOS ANGELES -- One of the largest vaccination sites in the country temporarily shut down Saturday because dozen of protesters blocked the entrance, stalling hundreds of motorists who had been waiting in line for hours, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Low-Key Prez

Joe Biden won the presidency, then he shunned the spotlight

White House aides describe the strategy not so much as delegation but as an concerted effort to restore confidence with a public battered by the contradictory messaging and scorched-earth politics of the Trump years. In just over a week, the White House has booked 80 TV and radio interviews with 20 senior administration officials, members of the Covid-19 response team and Cabinet secretary designates.

Feds Humble Proud Boys

Two Proud Boys members indicted for conspiracy in U.S. Capitol riots

Two members of the far-right nationalist group the Proud Boys were indicted on Friday in federal court for conspiring to obstruct law enforcement and other charges related to their participation in the deadly riots on the Capitol on Jan 6.

Kansas City Coffee Transition Amid COVID

Kansas City Stays Caffeinated Through The Pandemic, But How We Drink Our Coffee Has Changed

It's hard to imagine something more consistent, in times of upheaval, than coffee. Our love for this bitter elixir is surpassed only by our dependence on it. The story begins with the legend of an Ethiopian goat-herd noticing that when his goats ate some magical berries - evidently, coffee beans - they were too amped up to sleep.

Chiefs Suffer EPIC Loss

Eric Fisher: Not playing in Super Bowl will be "gut-wrenching"

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- Kansas City Chiefs offensive lineman Eric Fisher, in a Facebook post on Saturday evening, said it will be gut-wrenching to not play in the Super Bowl. Fisher injured his achilles in the second half of last weekend's AFC Championship Game against the Buffalo Bills.

Winter Warmup Ahead

Cloudy, windy and cold for Sunday


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Anonymous said...

Of course Biden shuns the spotlight. Unless is is double dose on his medicine and reading from a prepared speech, it is obvious that he in the early stages of dementia. I have seen this in nursing home patients before...once it gets to this stage it will start to accelerate more rapidly as they age.

Anonymous said...

^^^ As it did with you?

Anonymous said...

If anyone has a problem with dementia, it's Trump, who refuses to accept the fact that 8 million more people voted for Biden than for him.

Biden, by the way, is only four years older than Trump, so if you think Trump's going to be a candidate in, ummmm four years, you might keep that in mind.

Anonymous said...

^^ And you?

Anonymous said...

7:25, I'm only 24...what's your excuse, boomer?

Anonymous said...

Biden has dementia. No doubt about it.

Anonymous said...

Biden is not my President.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Yeah, but that's only because you're a troll China-bot bitch.

Anonymous said...

Biden is your daddy though so...

Anonymous said...

"Five of Trump's impeachment defense attorneys leave team less than two weeks before trial"

Who can blame them? They left Trump but kept their dignity.

Anonymous said...

Biden is "low key" because he is a senile puppet.

Biden has no original thoughts of his own; he just signs Executive Orders prepared by whoever is really running the country behind the scenes.

A corrupt life-time politician hand selected by the elites for a stolen election. 2016 was supposed to be either Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton and Trump unexpectedly derailed that game plan.

Anonymous said...

Stolen election and yet somehow not even a republican court would believe the claims?

I guess Trump himself is the only thing in the country not in on the steal?

You absolute fucking retards to believe that shit.

Anonymous said...

Biden is controlled by China and global corporate elites like Zuckerberg, Dorsey, Bevos, etc. who make billions doing business with China.

Trump pissed off the global elites by his fighting for the everyday citizen.

That is why there was illegal wire-tapping of Trump and his family by the FBI, false Russion Collusion hoax by the FBI, 24 /7 attacks on Trump by the Corporate Media, false impeachment, fixed Presidential debates, Covid - 19, orchestrated BLM / ANTIFA riots, ballot harvesting, mail-in ballots, rigged vote counting on election night.

It's surprising despite all of the efforts above, Trump still stood strong and fought back. That's why patriotic Americans support him. They could see this was a rolling Presidential coup over the last four years.

Anonymous said...

Dont you find it a bit weird that GOP lawyers and judges can see Trump is full of shit but you can't see it even though you live in Trump's anus?

Anonymous said...

Yeah; a bunch of hat you call "patriotic Americans" supported him, by doing exactly what he told them to, tried to overthrow the American Government, and are now paying the price for Trump's failed insurrection while he hid in the White House bunker and then ran away to Florida!

Patriots my Ass!
American Patriots are the voters who threw that would-be Dictator out n his Butt in November!

Anonymous said...

Biden and Pelosi are cowering behind 25,000 National Guardsmen and miles of razor wire.

Now they want a wall around the Capitol.

They stole the election, they know it and now they are afraid of the American populace.

Trump would stand on stage in front of tens of thousands of Americans at his rallies. The American working class loved him and he had no fear they would harm him.

Anonymous said...

Peelousy has the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s, have you noticed how bad her stuttering and shaking has gotten?

Anonymous said...

Screw the chiefs no one cares about these dirty morons or their bus rides. Thousands are out of work and people are wrapped up in how to get a football game played by idiots who get by with breaking the law and disrespecting the country. Pathetic and unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

Is Kamala's niece a whore like Kamala is????

Anonymous said...

that's not alzheimers, that's alcoholism.

22 hrs. by bus is still pretty good timewise.

hope mahomes toe will be ready for all the extra running he will have to be doing.

Anonymous said...

probably, but in the available photo here she appears to be just an ordinary mother of two.

Unknown said...

Dignity? Is that what you call the public fellating of the Plagiarizer in Chief by the lamestream media? I'm talking about China Joe here.

Unknown said...

Isn't it interesting that so far all Biden has done is enact Kamala Harris' agenda, even though she only got 6% of the Democrat vote? Yeah, Joe Biden is President, alright.

Anonymous said...

^^^Kamala lets Joe smell her hair if he does what she says.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the Catalytic Converter thefts, somebody's buying them, start there.

Anonymous said...

The Harris family is fake from head to toe.

Look at a photo of Kamala Harris next to her "sister" Maya, and you can easily tell they don't share the same 2 parents.

Meena Harris was born to Maya, when her mother was 17 and unmarried.
Meena Harris has an unknown white father, which the family refuses to disclose.

Kamala Harris married for the 1st time at age 50, to a Jewish attorney, in a politically arranged marriage, to present an appearance of normality prior to a run at national office.

Maya Harris married a black attorney who works for Uber.
Meena Harris reportedly has 2 children with a man who works at Facebook, though they've never married.

The entire Harris family is likely a staged fraud, just as the Obama family was a fabrication to create a political backstory.

Anonymous said...

^^Who cares? She’s VP and you’re not. Weird.

Anonymous said...

You forgot Kamala sucking off a married man many decades her senior as her main path to glory. Because that's the feminism we've heard so much about.

Anonymous said...

And in freak news: Transgender icon and pioneering electronic music producer and musician Sophie fell to his death Saturday morning in Athens in “a terrible accident,” his label said in a statement. It was 34.

Sophie slipped from the balcony of an apartment where he was staying and no foul play was suspected in his fatal fall, an Athens police spokesperson told the Associated Press.