Saturday, January 16, 2021

Kansas City Streetcar Extension Powers Latest Round Of Developer Speculation

One again local "news" is mostly producing publicity for a controversial transit endeavor that's currently enduring a nearly 80% decline in ridership because of the pandemic.

Powered by federal funds and taxes passed by gerrymandered mail-in ballots . . . The Kansas City Streetcar extension is ready transform the Broadway corridor by way of a sketchy new transit project.

The dirty little secret that nobody likes to talk about is that most of development sparked by the "toy train" is merely the result of corporate welfare. 

Money quote regarding the "starter" line . . .

"This area of downtown, and particularly the area around the proposed streetcar, has seen the ample use of these tax breaks. Although city leaders and news outlets claim the streetcar creates development, these tax abatements and a combination of other planning factors that favor this small section of downtown may be diverting development."

Translation: The toy train might actually be a disincentive for projects that don't demand government funding. 

Still, the hype machine persists. 

Check the latest roundup: 

Kansas City Development Has Builders Betting On Streetcar Expansion

News chatter . . .

"The planned expansion of the Kansas City, Missouri streetcar line is already affecting development plans along the Main St. corridor. COVID-19 is delaying some office building deals but several residential projects have opened during the pandemic."

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, more optimistic people will get rich. Come a long for the ride or get left behind!

Anonymous said...

This extension farce will have Main Street torn up for years.
Any small businesses that have somehow survived the KCMO covid cluster will surely go under because of this.
But THE streetcar bureaucracy cannot be denied!
Someone with some common sense please drive a stake through this monstrosity's heart!

Anonymous said...

^^Hey loser, the playoffs are on. Go watch the game. Nobody cares about this.

Super Dave said...

If you want proof of election mail in fraud look no further than the street car mail in ballot voting.

Anonymous said...

^^You don’t live in KC so nothing you say about it is valid.

Anonymous said...

But that was a legal election, as set up the Missouri General Assembly, Stupor Dave.

If you don't like how elections are conducted under state law, have the law changed.

Oh wait you live in Kansas, so your opinion on same would not be considered valid.

Anonymous said...

The street car, yet another reason to avoid driving in KCMO land of the pothole.

Anonymous said...

"Hey loser, the playoffs are on. Go watch the game. Nobody cares about this."



Anonymous said...

Wait till property owners along the Main St corridor see their massive property tax increases!! Just so people from Leawood
/Lenexa can come to town and play City, while riding free!!! Then go back home to live, work and send their kids to real schools!!!

Anonymous said...

China Joe Biden be needing 30,000 National Guardsmen before he ride the KC Choo Choo.

What a pussy China Joe is hiding from the American citizens that supposedly voted for him in overwhelming numbers.

General Patton would slap Biden in the face.

He is a afraid of his own citizens. Rest of the world is laughing at his cowardice.

Maybe Biden can hide behind Nancy Pelosi's or Sister-Wife's skirt if trouble brews.

CNN will report the 30,000 National Guardsmen as cheering supporters attending Joe Biden's make believe inauguration.

Anonymous said...

^^amd yet he stomped a mud hole in Trump’s ass. Weird.

Anonymous said...

And where are the jobs for the Gen Y and Millenials choosing to rent overpriced apartments along the streetcar line? Hopefully they can work from home because the good paying jobs are not in midtown or downtown.

Anonymous said...

This will end in spectacular failure as all Kansas City pie in the sky crap visions do.

Anonymous said...

"currently enduring a nearly 80% decline in ridership because of the pandemic."


It wasn't doing very well prior to the pandemic, so quit using that as an excuse. Just another bottomless money pit serving a very small group of insiders.

Fix the fucking streets and the water/sewer mains. Finish the airport fiasco before taking on more debt. Grants do not pay for everything.

Does anyone think the airlines really fully paid for St. Jo International airport?

Anonymous said...


Mother trucker, the people who read this blog have been saying that for 10 years. Where have you been?

As your your other pronouncements, couldn't agree more. But trying to "call out" the only blog where we've been making that point for years makes you look ridiculous. No wonder you always lose.

I support the streetcar in Brookside said...

People want the streetcar extension. It will be very successful. See you at the groundbreaking!

Anonymous said...

Dave has the right idea, but his one hater one here has to make several posts calling him stupid all the time. Dave is invested in Kansas City not like that idiot would ever know it.

Anonymous said...

^^Shut up Dave. You don’t live here so fuck off!