Thursday, January 14, 2021

Kansas City Star Talking Points Exposed

So that our beloved bloggy readers won't go broke paying for "woke" content from the newspaper . . . We share this quick summary with link teases that offer a workaround that's much better than paying for progressive newsie lectures or follow-up.

Kansas City Must Fight MAGA???

Capitol insurgents didn't appear overnight. KC can lead the fight against radicalism

Although a significant number of Republicans told pollsters they do not believe last week's mob assault on the U.S. Capitol was a threat to democracy, these would-be insurgents did not need President Donald Trump's signal to go on the attack. They came with pry bars, Molotov cocktails and weapons.

Newspaper Endorses COVID FOREVER LOCKDOWN Despite Economic Crisis Concerns

KC's relaxed COVID rules for bars, restaurants send wrong message at a dangerous time

Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas announced new regulations Wednesday for area businesses dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. "It's really not the time to relax," Lucas said, after announcing plans to relax some COVID-19 rules. Starting now, restaurants, bars, event spaces and similar businesses can remain open until midnight, two hours later than previously permitted.

Newsflash: Retail Is Dead And Malls Are Dangerous

Two major indoor malls remain in Kansas City area. Now one is facing a double threat

The man working the shoe-shine kiosk napped with his head in his palms. The number of seniors exercising seemed to eclipse the ranks of shoppers. On a cold afternoon last week, Independence Center held the hallmark smells of Auntie Anne's pretzels and Great American Cookies.

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Kansas City Star - Headline:

"KC can Lead Fight Against Radicalism"

I totally agree with the Kansas City Star to fight radicalism so I canceled my Kansas City Star subscription several years ago.

Apparently most Kansas Citian's feel the same about radicalism and canceled their Red Star subscriptions and now the Star is bankrupt; it's shiny green glass "monument of radicalism" stands empty.

Anonymous said...

The Star's brilliant strategic plan to piss off about half of their target audience worked so well over the years that they went bankrupt. Pat yourself on the back, guys. Congratulations. Your brilliance is to be envied.

Anonymous said...

What's a newspaper?

chuck said...

8:03 Dead on the money.

"Capitol insurgents didn't appear overnight. KC can lead the fight against radicalism"

Are you fucin shittin me??? 4 years of whacked out felons, burning, looting, assaulting people and business' all over the country and all of a sudden, HOLY SHIT!!! WHITE BOYS ARE PISSED OFF ABOUT A STOLEN ELECTION!!!

The new "Narrative" of "White Supremacists" behind every rock is such a fuckin joke.

Anonymous said...

That incident at the capitol building was put on by the democrats and ANTIFA. The KC mayor is a supporter of it ans he also arranged for the riots in KC. He was there when bricks were delivered on the Plaza.

Anonymous said...

JUST FOLD UP!!!!! Go away already!

Anonymous said...

It takes a trained journalist to write a multi column inch article about how teen violence is killing indoor malls without once mentioning that the teens in question are invariably young black males.

Or to imply that racism is the reason more black kids were detained for Plaza curfew violations than white kids.

And yet university J-Schools keep churning them out. Hope they can learn to code.

Anonymous said...

The KC Star is the KC Red Star! It is nothing but a communist Democrats propaganda tool. The are a prime example of controlled "fake news". I won't even use that communist rag to start a fire in my fireplace. It stinks up the entire house with the garbage in that communist rag! I was a subscriber for over 20 years and will never subscribe or read that communist rag again!

Anonymous said...

The KC Star is now the Des Moines Red Star. That communist agitprop rag is not even printed in KC anymore.

Anonymous said...

The Birmingham Star?

Don't mean to insult Birmingham.

Anonymous said...

More virtue signaling and leftist cant from the paper that can't die quickly enough.

Anonymous said...

^^Be careful.
Breitbart is censoring any content with the word "j--" in it.
They will be coming for Tony too.

Anonymous said...

^^What’s a Breitbart Grammy?

Anonymous said...

What's the Kansas City Star?