Kansas City Star Miscounts 2020 Murders To Blame Police For Local Killing Spike

KCPD reports 174 murders at the end of 2020. That number will be handed over to the FBI and reviewed by federal authorities.

Meanwhile, the newspaper is counting justified police shootings in their murder numbers that are not subject to any peer review.

When we talk about FACTS and how the matter . . . Misrepresentations of the newspaper are a major part of their continued decline as a local publication despite at least a few worthwhile stories they're telling.

Check-it . . .

'Appalling': KC suffers deadliest year ever with 180 killings, 625 nonfatal shootings

At age 53, Mary Freeman has lost three of her six children in Kansas City. Her first son, Derrick Freeman, died in 2016 of unknown causes, police said. He had been shot in the face in 2009, leaving him quadriplegic. An autopsy couldn't determine whether the injuries that altered his body were what caused his heart to stop.


  1. Actually the people to blame are Quinton Lucas, ugly Jean Peters Baker, corrupt judges, and the KC Star. They are the ones stoking the fires.

    1. Yep, and the only ones keeping the Red Star on life support are the obidiant left.

  2. Democrap policies that have been going for 80 plus years in Jackson County and Kansas City.

  3. Does the Star have any solution for how we can get our murder total to an acceptable number, like 250-300?

  4. in the kc star today on the editorial page a columnist trashed Trump votes, America and Thomas Jefferson who basically said black and white cultures could really never co exist. 200 years later Thomas Jefferson is pretty much 85% right.

  5. Please boycott The Local Pig

  6. No numbers are 'handed over' to FBI to be reviewed. The PD sends in its UCR report, same as every other month and FBI issues it's yearly Uniform Crime Report based on the tally.

    The post makes it appear FBI will review KCMO individually and 'dq something' because homicides are up. That something will likely be 'yawn'.

  7. Boycott the police? You mean you will declare a moratorium on crime? Go for it!

  8. Black lives don't matter. Especially to blacks.

  9. Go back to Arkansas1/1/21, 10:35 AM

    It’s no surprise that these funerals were held at Morning Star Baptist Church. That tells me all I need to know about these people, the families and the circumstances. I have long believed that the Pastor along with its congregation are manufacturers of crime. Any ties to this church quickly tells the story. With a convicted murderer in its pulpit, its to be expected that the congregation or associates of the congregation will likely see this end. Somebody congratulate Miles on getting a parking lot built at the expense of Kansas City tax payers... and tell him to cheerlead for a police station to be built at the apartment complex where these two were murdered. I’m sure he can use the extra cash; and the Clowncil will fast track whatever ordinance they need to to make it so, despite there already being a police station on 95th Street. It doesn’t have to make sense.

  10. 3 of this woman’s 6 children died by gunfire or complications thereof in the time span of a decade? Nobody has this much bad luck. There’s a bigger story here. And stair step kids are common, but both these siblings have different last names. Another peek into the deeper issues and conversations that need to be addressed in this story. To solve these types of situations, people are going to have to tell the truth about who they are and take responsibility for their own behavior.

  11. The fat fake revrun miles is the black mafia, why else do you think the city paid for those apartments by his church that he profits off of, the rec center that no one uses or the general public can’t use and have kcpd station built across the street for protection from the outside black mafia members.

    Our tax money goes to paying the black mafia people.

  12. Well Happy New Year KCMO. For the first time in months the murder count is now under 100 again. But probably not for long.

  13. Anyone remember the Bass family from the 80s? 10 or 11 kids and all of them had criminal records. Momma Bass didn see nuffin.

  14. This bunch is called, "a crime family".

    Crocodile tears.

  15. Wall E. Weasel1/1/21, 2:50 PM

    You need to settle on down there, Tony. You've complained about the KC Star's numbers in several posts now and you've been wrong each time.

    FACTS and how the(y) matter? Start with what a homicide is and what a homicide is not. Homicide is the act of one human being causing the death of another human being. There's nothing more to it than that. Murder is the intentional and unlawful killing of one human by another. The two terms are not synonymous. All murders are homicides, not all homicides are murders. Both the KC Star and KCPD are reporting homicides. You are the one who is equating all homicides as murders and in turn inferring that the KC Star is doing the same.

    A police killing of a person does, in fact, constitute a homicide. Nowhere in any of the KC Star articles you have linked are police-related homicides referred to as murders. That's something you have tacked on to their definition. They've been listed as homicides in those articles and in these cases that is correct.

    Consider your own quoted number of 174 "murders" from the year 2020. Did you look to notice that six of those "murders" were actually justifiable homicides done in self defense? Those are also homicides but are not murders. You have done exactly what you are accusing the KC Star of doing, inflating the 'murder' count by including non-murder homicides. Except the KC Star has not referred to the police-involved homicides as murders. You, however, have called six people murderers when they are not.

    Those six justifiable homicides by ordinary citizens are counted among the 174 recorded homicides (not recorded murders) in KCMO's official statistics from 2020. The six police-involved homicides are not even though they did occur. Did 180 homicides happen in KCMO in the year 2020? Yes, they did, and I have no problem with the KC Star reporting it as such.

    I'm normally not one to defend this newspaper. They permanently lost my business and respect over 15 years ago. But in this case they are fully justified in using the number of homicides.

  16. ^^^^
    Good points, and yet the Star doesn't bother to make that differentiation itself.
    Just so they can once again mention shootings in a way that comports with their "police brutality- black victimization" narrative.
    And be sure to include the word "unarmed" even if the perp was swinging a machete or club.
    That's NOT reporting.
    It's simple propaganda.

  17. Blacks

  18. Oliver Platt Naked And Fused To A Leather Recliner1/1/21, 4:45 PM

    So, has anyone checked on our glorious BLM street mural ? Is it still there ?

  19. Well, there was a murder last night, some broad got stabbed at 10:00 but died this morning, I don’t know how they count it, the news is saying it’s the first murder of the year because she died this morning.

    It’s either 175 for 2020 or #1 for 2021, you make the call!

  20. The KC urban council. Making up for 400 years of perceived inequality, one day at a time.

  21. Yep, parents, poverty, schools, didn't play on varsity team, did play on varsity team, wore a raiders cap, wore a nuggets hat, slavery, no jobs, didn't get the wanted surprise in Cracker jacks, Didn't like the elected president, someone called them a name, the guns, the knives, the cider blocks, gave me the eye, wearing the wrong colors, blah blah , fucking blah. it's a choice, nothing more and nothing less than that.

  22. You left out that it's a black thing 6:48. Fixed it for you.

  23. Brookside Bob1/1/21, 11:41 PM

    Of course there's some garbage but there's also some pretty great points made here. I wish our leaders would think about the murder rate more critically rather than just rehashing the same old points that don't seem to be working.

  24. Garbage has free reign. garbage is going to find out that it comes with a hefty price tag.


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