Kansas City Star Laments Creeper Priest Cleared By Vatican

Here's a story without absolutely no good guy . . . After disgusting allegations, the newspaper champions claims of abuse from decades ago and fakes an "investigation" after merely picking up a press release.

Disgusting Church followup dutifully hidden behind the paywall . . .

Vatican clears former Kansas City priest of sex abuse claims, infuriating victims

The Vatican has exonerated former Kansas City priest and retired Wyoming Bishop Joseph Hart of seven accusations that he sexually abused minors and said five others could not be proven "with moral certitude," the Diocese of Cheyenne announced Monday.


  1. Byron Funkhouser1/25/21, 7:44 PM

    He did me!

  2. I did you Byron! He was just watching.

    Billy Tammeus


  3. People should know the Vatican is a powerful entity after all it's a country of it's own inside of a city. Does anyone honestly think they aren't going to cover this guy and others? Come on man.

  4. Upon further reflection...

    The Catholic Church announced that they would be eliminating any mentions of Bishop Joseph Hart from their archives and media communications, while undertaking a publicity tour in which they confess their historical sins.

    The Star's Mike Fannin has been retained as a consultant.

  5. I did not make the comment at 7:44.

  6. Byron Funkhouser1/25/21, 8:45 PM

    Yes I did! I'm a habitual liar!

  7. Forgot it Byron. It's Chucklowetown.

  8. 8:45 is lying.


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