Kansas City Star Continues Publishing Demand For Equality Among Rioters

Sorry, but the "hypocrisy" complaint doesn't convince given that violence among "many sides" of the political discourse was unpunished during election season.

Still, because the newspaper is insulated from local opinion by their paywall and social media . . . They don't understand reasonable arguments against this cable news talking point.

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DC mob was treated better than us Black Kansas Citians - but we still sing America

"I, too, sing America." These words form the opening line of "I, Too," one of Kansan Langston Hughes' most legendary poems. At the height of the Harlem Renaissance, a Black poet put pen to paper and captured the feelings of Black Americans all across the United States.


  1. Better title, the star continues it's swirling flush down the sewer publishing it's ignorant and hypocritical sjw woke trash propaganda.

  2. Ugh, revisionist history by the Red Star.

    Capitol Police beat the unarmed D.C. protestors with night sticks.

    Capitol Police shot and killed an unarmed female at point blank range in the neck.

    Police across the country were not allowed to use their night sticks or guns this Spring and Summer as Seattle, Minneapolis, Portland, Philadelphia, Kansas City etc. etc. were burned and looted by "Peaceful Protesters".

    If the Corporate Media would report facts, stop the lies and race-baiting, the anger and dissension in this country would reduce by 90%.

  3. Guys! Guys! Look how woke we are! We mentioned Langston Hughes and everything! Please please buy our paper! Guys?

  4. China Joe Biden is such a popular President he needs 30,000 National Guardsmen and miles of razor wire to protect him.

    If he truly won the election he would not be cowering behind 30,000 troops armed with machine guns, FBI, ATF, Capitol Police, Secret Service and the CIA to protect him.

    Biden is a coward and illegitimate President.

    Biden has no support from the American public other than the Marxist Media, Communist China, and billionaire elites like Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey.

    1. Nutjobs like Chuck Lowe are advocating violence against the incoming administration, 8:30. Look no further than your hallowed echo chamber.

  5. JUST GO AWAY!!!!

  6. I saw plenty of blacks and whites getting away with looting, burning and other destruction last summer. The police let them get away with 99.9% of it. Kamala made sure they got out of jail by helping them post bail.

  7. Roger Ailes1/18/21, 8:45 AM

    The fact the Star keeps publishing this crap is great. It just shows how stupid they are. The people that keep reading it and financially support it are such morons, or commies themselves, nothing would stop them from doing it.

    If the paper shut down these fools would still pay for their subscriptions wondering why the paper was late.

    Consider it humor that it stays in business and laugh at them, believing they have a real following.


    The bankrupt KC Star's new offshore hedge fund owner keeps raising the paper's subscription rate while shrinking the content. When their dwindling reader base of senior citizens finally cancels, the Star continues their subscription unilaterally and threatens to turn them over to collections if they don't pay again. It's anti-consumer criminal behavior.

  9. The rioters in Kansas City were not charged and the vandals of the Andrew Jackson were not charged and did not have to get the statue restored. So the patriots in Washington DC are the ones being unfairly treated.

  10. Taking bets now - how long before KC becomes the next Baltimore or Detriot, as a burned out shithole? It's already turning into a shithole, but not burned out.

  11. ^^^^+100000000

  12. Fuck the Star! There's only 8 people that read that trash anyway.

  13. Sorry Rev, you are out of touch. This guy is too concerned with coiffing his beard just so and the glossy website pics. Get Christ-centric, acknowledge both sides of debate, and you might be taken seriously.

  14. F--k the pinko star and KCUR.


  15. This is a lie. Look at black federal employees they have been put ahead of white people due to color for years and we are sick of it. As far as DC goes everyone knows the truth about who it was that attacked the capitol. Democrats and black people are now the domestic terrorists of this country. Stop with the cry baby "woe is me I'm black" crap we aren't going to listen to this BS propaganda anymore.

  16. 9:46: Liar.

  17. The Government should pay the Capitol protesters for their "wake-up" call regarding security. If that had been Muslim terrorists, can you imagine the bloodshed? A security consulting firm wouldn't have done them a favor as great as this.


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