Kansas City Sign Of The Times Against Nukes

For the early morning we take a quick peek at the Kansas City discourse on Main street as a call for peace is illuminated over the heads of all the homeless, drunks and other addicted vagrants walking around overnight.

Still, the progressive message was a nice change and something more inspiring than streetcar activists hoping to gentrify this rugged Midtown corridor.

Developing . . .


  1. Pray for world peas.

    They're delicious.

  2. I initially thought it was a clever message to the anti-gun statists, to demonstrate for them the folly of trying to ban guns. But, no, it’s earnest. Irony apparently died around 2002, and I’m now an old man who doesn’t understand anything.

  3. Yes . . . I'm certain that China, Russia, North Korea (and many others) would happily abolish nuclear weapons about 15 minutes after America unilaterally disarms.

    After using up their entire stock on us, why would they need them?

  4. “Peace works kc” how funny is that! A top five murder capitol of the world and they think they can tell somebody else how to live a peaceful life! Now that’s funny right there!

  5. I'm relieved that Mali, Trinidad-Tobago, El Salvador, Paraguay etc. have promised that they will not develop nuclear weapons. Of course any country that has or is now developing such weapons has not signed and never will sign that treaty.

    So contrary to the billboard sentiment, which is as nuanced as anti nuclear activists can get, nukes are not illegal.

  6. Kansas City looks like it has already been nuked.

  7. I set my DVR to record The Biggest Loser but it keeps recording Chiefs games.


    Fragrance World
    I Love the Smell of Napalm in the Morning!!!

    1. You just smell in the morning.

  9. Nuclear weapons are a great thing! The threat of all out nuclear war has prevented a WW III. If all we had right now were rifles, bullets, cannon and aircraft bombs - we would have been attacked by other countries by now.

    The fact we can simply press a red button and completely wipe out an enemy, and personally kill their leader, has prevented war and deaths. Plus it ended the war with Japan!

    Plus nuke standowns and removals have been used to negotiate many treaties, like Salt. Its a great bargaining chip. However they are lost weapons from crashed planes and sub accidents, that are highly dangerous. And the chance of an accidental war are real. But otherwise, as a 60 year old man, - I am probably alive only because we had nukes!

  10. And then they research how Obama allowed Russia to take the Crimea, not backing the Treaty of protection after the Anti Nuke Treaty with the Ukraine. Obama was a real commie pos.

  11. In the 1950's my grandmother would come to visit us. She made me do 100 pushups before she left. She said I needed to be strong as someday I would be physically fighting with a Russian boy on a battle field. However there are no more hand to hand massive battles with thousands on men. Drones, cruise missiles, nuclear ICBM's and the Space Force's weapons do a great job holding bad actors in place.

    But please take the nuclear suitcase away from Trump. He is a fat old golfer who couldnt ever make a Casino profitable - it went bankrupt! 2 failed marriages, 4,000 business lawsuits over the years, Jeff Epstein as his party friend. And he has access to nuke launches? The world must be on high alert now - chances of an accidental firing are high till Wednesday.

  12. Trump is not only dumb, but he is the last person we need around weapons. The Iranians must be scared to death Trump will attack them on the last second of his office, to leave Biden with a mess. Trump is trying to make ALL AMERICANS suffer as he is insulted we didnt elect him.

    He is taking it personally - something a good politician does not do.


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