Tuesday, January 05, 2021

Kansas City Shares Warm Weather (Empty) Promises For Better Snow Removal

Today's blast from 12th & Oak offer assurance that's easier to keep when it's over 40 degrees.

Take a look . . .

Fox4: Kansas City responds to residents' winter complaints with snowplow game plan


New City Manager Brian Platt reportedly met with the snow operations team after supervising crews as they worked on Jan. 1. Among the new changes include overnight plowing on residential streets, suspending trash and recycling to free up more drivers and using multiple trucks at once to clear several lanes simultaneously.

"Through a smarter and more collaborative deployment of our already available resources, we will be able to deploy an additional 50 trucks and 100 drivers for all future snowstorms," Platt said in a statement from the City. "We will create a larger, 24-hour plowing operation during storms."

Here is a full list of changes in the new snowplow game plan, provided by Kansas City:

- Increasing the amount of salting during storms

- Adding overnight shifts to residential routes

- Instituting a more aggressive approach to snow removal on residential streets

- Plowing multi-lane arterial streets with multiple trucks working in tandem to make sure the street is fully cleared on the first pass 

- Assigning all available employees in solid waste and the water department to snow operations during every snow event

- Suspending trash and recycling during big storms to make those drivers available for snow plowing - Deploying additional snow removal vehicles throughout snow removal operations

- Improving communication and coordination during snow operations

- Identifying additional municipal fleet vehicles that can be deployed for snow removal

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

So what NYC does and mount a plow on everything with wheels and send them out to clear streets. They may have a shitty Mayor but when it comes to snow removal they totally have their shit together.

Anonymous said...

They will still fuck it up.

Anonymous said...

KCMO snow removal team will probably crash their trucks into each other as they are used to parking them in front of their homes and eating bacon sandwiches during a snowstorm.

Anonymous said...

Same shit every year.

Anonymous said...

This will be the first lesson about how KCMO government works for Mr. Platt.
First, KCMO rarely has a plan for much of anything. Pretty much everything that goes on is either a reaction or an idea imported from another city, mostly on one of the coasts.
Secondly, even on the few occasions that there is a plan, KCMO has no ability whatsoever of effectively implementing much of anything.
Without effective management, serious oversight, performance standards, and accountability for results, any "plan" simply drifts away.
This is especially true for those boring basic services that residents somehow think they should be receiving for the taxes they pay.
Good luck, Mr. Platt.
But bicycle lanes, subsidized hotels, throwing money away on the east side, painting streets, and all the other toys and entertainment?
Now, you're talking!

Anonymous said...

7:28 is right. You'd think it never snowed here the way we go through this every year.