Kansas City Residency Debate Renewed

Newsflash . . . This legal move has also been daydream of every firefighter since around 1971.

The discussion never gets very far but serves as a tragic reminder that many of the people who know this town best also want out.

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Missouri lawmaker wants to end Kansas City Police Department's residency requirement

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City police officers are required to live within city limits for a year before joining the force and then continue living in the city during their employment. But a Missouri senator from the Kansas City area wants to change that.


  1. Firefighters just want to loot the city, not live in it.

  2. The police don't want to live in KCMO because they see what actually goes on every day.
    And the pitiful excuses the clowns at 12th and Oak continue to spew about the causes of all the dangerous messes the PD have to try to clean up.
    Add to that the woeful lack of the most basic services and KCMO really isn't a place that is very attractive, given all the other municipalities in the metro.
    When you have to force people to live in your jurisdiction, you might conclude that you have a bit of a problem.

  3. If the police and firefighters don't like what is going on they should quit voting for the earnings tax. The earnings tax is just wasted on entertainment districts, convention hotels, parking garages for luxury condos and apartments, convention centers.

  4. The only reason they live in the city limits now is voting power, that can buy politicians with their vote and get their way when new labor contracts come up. The unions aren’t what they used to be, they’ve gotten weak and with fire and police moving out of the city limits it will pretty much kill them.

    What’s really sad is the city employees that get the leftover scraps after police and fire take 75% of the budget, these poor saps have a worthless labor union and are forced to live in the city limits, let these people move out and make fire and police stay, hit’em where it hurts...

    make’em stay in killer kc!


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