Saturday, January 02, 2021

Kansas City Plow Debate Persists

Here's more proof that locals seem exceptionally unhappy with this city service . . . Take a peek:

KCMO neighbors claim snow plow driver caused damage to truck, trailer

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - As snow plow drivers are still working to clear streets, two Kansas Citians claim one of the plows hit their truck and trailer causing damage. Da'Juan Hill woke up Saturday morning to find his truck damaged on South Benton Avenue.


Anonymous said...

Meet our new parking enforcement program LOL

Anonymous said...

If you cannot get around in a front wheel drive car or awd SUV than you have no business leaving your house. The city should let the sun and 40 degree weather do its thing on the snow. Those plows just snag the pavement and creat pot holes.

Anonymous said...

Check for the renegade KC snow plow operator racing around Brookside/Waldo yesterday. Surprised he didn't run into or over someone at the speed he was going. At least he kept blowing his horn at everyone who got in his way.

Anonymous said...

Appears he didn't lose much. Nor did he have much. Shit is shit.