Friday, January 01, 2021

Kansas City 'News' Now Just Developer Hype

Right now we check more deets on a toy train streetcar extension power play.

Sadly, the report is biased and mostly just promotional garbage put together by former "journalists" who are now paid cheerleaders. 

The demise of print journalism isn't too blame, Kansas City is simply getting a glimpse at how easily locals can be manipulated to share a company line . . . Check-it:

Streetcar Land Rush: Apartment Plan Would Keep Iconic Katz Drug

The iconic Katz Drug Store at Westport Road and Main Street would be saved as the centerpiece of a 192-unit apartment project proposed by a St. Louis firm, the latest in a wave of streetcar-related development announcements.


Anonymous said...

This guy who lives in JoCo is even worse - CitySceneKC. Let this jerk start paying some taxes so tourist can ride on the trolley for free.

KC said...

KC doesn't need any plans from St Louis based on their decayed crime filled downtown and urban areas. Keep yor shit on yor side of Mo.

Anonymous said...

Will they be keeping the loitering monkeys and crackheads outside of it ? Asking for Curt Cobain and Natalie Cole

Anonymous said...

I'd like to ask the same on Whitney Houston's behalf.