Kansas City News Morning Curtain Call

Right now we start the morning by remembering that hottie Rhian is one of our all time faves and she's still using her talents for a good cause as we review pop culture, community news and top headlines.

Crafting Help For Hobos

Volunteer KC, The Sewing Labs create tote bags for homeless in KC

Volunteer KC and The Sewing Labs have teamed up to help the homeless in a unique way. They've created a multi-purpose tote bag for those living on the streets. The project is all coming together at The Sewing Labs.The Sewing Labs is a vocational training center, teaching skills needed for employment.

Kansas City Asks For Cash

Metro businesses hoping for pandemic relief as PPP loan applications open again

SHAWNEE, Kan. - Businesses across the Kansas City metro continue to struggle to get the through the financial strain of the pandemic. But there's new hope: The next round of Paycheck Protection Program funding to help businesses is now available. Businesses that qualify could get a forgivable loan worth thousands of dollars.

Golden Ghetto Questions Stalled Vaxx Protocol

'It's a little bit of an empty feeling': Man shares Johnson County vaccine survey concerns

There are a lot of questions tonight about the COVID-19 vaccination plan in Kanas and the survey many counties are asking people to fill-out to receive the vaccine.

Bewbs Benefit Us All

Rhian Sugden shakes her boobs for charity as star says she's sharing 'feelgood vibes'

RHIAN Sugden was feeling buoyant today as she took to social media to shake her boobs for charity. The 34-year-old model told fans to "get your wiggle on" as she shook shimmied in a floral sports bra and matching leggings.


Lil Wayne, Kodak Black Pardoned by Trump

Rappers Lil Wayne and Kodak Black are among the people to have been pardoned or had their sentences commuted by Donald Trump in his last full day in office. Late on Tuesday, the president granted 73 pardons and commuted the sentences for 70 other individuals.

Biden Day One Sneak Peek

Here are the executive actions Biden is expected to take on Inauguration Day

President-elect Joe Biden plans to take 17 executive actions in the first hours of his presidency Wednesday, signing a flurry of executive orders, memoranda and directives to agencies implementing his first moves to address the coronavirus pandemic and undo some of Donald Trump's signature policies.

COVID Camps Exposed

China builds massive Covid-19 quarantine camp for 4,000 people as outbreak continues

China is rushing to build a massive quarantine camp that can house more than 4,000 people, after an outbreak of Covid-19 this month that has left tens of millions of people under strict lockdown.

Appointee Scrutiny Starts

Biden HHS nominee moved mother out of care facility as she directed nursing homes to take COVID patients

Biden administration nominee Rachel Levine faced scrutiny last May after she moved her mother out of a personal care facility shortly after she implemented a policy directing Pennsylvania's nursing homes and certain care facilities to admit recovered COVID-19 patients who were treated at nearby hospitals.

Diva Animated

Sia, Burna Boy Release Animated, Anthropomorphic Video for 'Hey Boy'

Sia and Burna Boy have released a new animated music video for their upbeat single "Hey Boy." Directed by Rafatoon and created by the Dreambear production company, the visual for "Hey Boy" takes its cues from Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, A Goofy Movie, and other Eighties and Nineties Disney cartoons.

BBQ Backlash

Buffalo radio station calls for Kansas City barbecue sauce ban ahead of AFC Championship

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) - As the Kansas City Chiefs prepare to face the Buffalo Bills in the AFC Championship, a Buffalo radio station host is asking grocery stores to pull any Kansas City barbecue sauce from their shelves. "The local supermarkets, they can't be carrying this stuff during Bills-Chiefs week," Rich "Bull" Gaenzler said on his morning radio show in Buffalo.

Northeast Artsy Debut

Permanent artwork being installed at Kansas City Museum

The Kansas City Museum is one step closer to its grand reopening as the first piece of permanent artwork was installed into the building since renovations to the property began in 2017. The piece, titled "The Battle of Kansas City," is a mixed element creation of both a collage and quilt-making technique created by partially blind and colorblind artist Stephen Proski.

Wednesday Warm Up

A windy warm-up arrives Wednesday afternoon

Warmer weather arrives Wednesday for a two day warm up Colder air moves in Friday There may be a storm near our area next Sunday for the AFC Championship game, and it is too early to make a specific forecast KANSAS CITY'S MOST ACCURATE FORECAST Tonight: Mostly clear Wind: W 5 mph.

Sia - Hey Boy feat. Burna Boy is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now.


Anonymous said…
Bannon & Weezy?

They should start a new political party.
Anonymous said…
I’d like to get on that Rhian gal and screw her real deep and hard.
Anonymous said…
Yep, we are fucked. I'd pour a glass of champagne if I had some. My shelfs are almost dry, Cheap Canadian wiskey. It was fun while it lasted. Thinking about moving to Mexico. I've got a patent on a human catapult. It is coin operated for pesos and has a sitemap that can correlated black Democrat voters landing zone for the "economic" migrant safely landing via parachute and bean farts.
Anonymous said…
Hope you're your own Test Pilot!
Seriously, the move to Mexico is a good idea, take the rest of the Trump Cult members wih you, please!

I'm sue Mexico will be much more understanding, and would be much more tolerant about the Trumpian tactic of deliberately creating divisiveness and hatered of others that that USA was. And the next time Trump incites an insurrection, I'm sure Mexico will just laugh and shrug, so there won't be any consequences for your sedition at all.
Anonymous said…
Look at that disgusting tranny. Welcome to Wokeistan!
Anonymous said…
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Is that Captain Kangaroo after a night of a bender at Missy B's?
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
^^^where your mom/dad or dad/mom (whatever they are identifying as this week) hangs out, like you didn't know...
Anonymous said…
^^Yep, you don't have anything else going on in your failed world so why not?
Anonymous said…
Wow Biden is actually putting a wiener-tucking dress-wearing freak into his cabinet.

This is devastating for public health to have a spectacle like this right now . Seriously?
Anonymous said…
They roll this out there like it's even remotely ok, in public health nonetheless.

Calling it disgusting would be giving the appointment a compliment. Sick Fuck!
Anonymous said…

oohh..help!...quick...we need some Candice pics to help overcome the nausea from that hideous photo of Senile Joe Bidet's tranny-freak appointee..

an ugly dude with long hair saying he's a woman??..fuuuck...don't mind gays..Pete Buttplug looks normal...Lezzie porn is always fun..but..trannies?...BARF!