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These are interesting Kansas City news links and we'll share them with a one liner and get out of the way . . .

COVID Kills Kansas City Returns: Financial impact of pandemic may complicate your tax season

Double-Pronged Betrayal: Frustration in both KS and MO about federal distribution of Covid vaccine

It's Almost Too Late For Furnace Check: Independence man warns others after nearly losing family to carbon monoxide poisoning

Debating Golden Ghetto Freeway: KDOT to host virtual town hall on U.S. 69 expansion project Wednesday

Rolling Meth Town Gunfire Fear: ‘It’s worrisome’: Video captures shots fired during tow truck dispute in Independence

Close To The Same Age: Similarities between Joe Biden, Harry Truman on challenges as president

Downtown New Gentry Don't Want To Know What Delivery Drivers Are Doing With Their Food: Carryout Challenge + Resident survey + The Dish on outdoor dining

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Anonymous said…
Lindsey Graham's got a long row to hoe.
Anonymous said…
H&R Block's got a long row to hoe.