Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Kansas City Midweek Morning News Look

Right now we start with hottie Bella and her ongoing work to take pr0n mainstream and then we move forward with a review of community news, pop culture and top headlines.

Kansas City Remains Shocked At Capitol Insurrection

'I Was Terrified': Kansas City Lawyer Was In The Capitol When Rampaging Mob Breached The Building

"It was clear the mob had approached our doors and started screaming and was trying to crash through the doors," said Adam Sachs, a Kansas City attorney, who was at the nation's Capitol for his son's first day as a congressional intern.

Local History Connection

Story behind viral picture of man holding Confederate flag inside U.S. Capitol

KANSAS CITY, KS (KCTV) -- As images surfaced of the riot in the U.S. Capitol last week, one photograph created buzz in the Kansas City metro. The photograph shows a member of the mob carrying a Confederate flag inside the U.S. Capitol building as a portrait of Senator Charles Sumner hangs on the wall.

Golden Ghetto Remembers

Part of 123rd Street renamed for fallen Overland Park police officer

Part of 123rd Street in Overland Park, Kansas, will honor fallen Officer Mike Mosher.The City Council approved renaming 123rd Street between Blue Valley Parkway and Metcalf as Mike Mosher Boulevard.Overland Park said new street signage would be added soon.Mosher was killed in the line of duty on May 3, 2020, in a shootout with a man near 123rd Street and Antioch Road.

Chiefs Cook Up Success

Smoked Sausage, Black Pearl, Ferrari Right: How Kansas City Chiefs creatively name their wild plays

6:00 AM ET Adam TeicherESPN Staff Writer Close Covered Chiefs for 20 seasons for Kansas City Star Joined ESPN in 2013 KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- While experimenting during a break at Kansas City Chiefs practice earlier this season, Patrick Mahomes got the idea to go in motion before returning behind center to receive the snap.

Former Disney Performer Teases Team Up With Pr0n Star

Bella Thorne Teases Girl On Girl Action With Pornstar Abella Danger

Bella Thorne / Instagram Bella Thorne is going all out for her latest music video and has teamed up with pornstar Abella Danger to deliver some serious NSFW scenes. The "Midnight Sun" star, who recently transitioned to a career as a content creator on the adult entertainment platform, OnlyFans , took to Instagram for fans' opinions on which music video to debut next.

Dumping Prez Trump

'Betrayal': Powerful GOP support for Trump's impeachment shows major Republican shift after Capitol riot

WASHINGTON - The expected House vote Wednesday on whether to again impeach President Donald Trump will stress major fractures within the Republican Party over supporting or defending him in the aftermath of a riot at the Capitol one week ago that left five dead.

Warning MAGA

Acting AG: 'No tolerance whatsoever' for trouble at Biden inauguration

Rosen's late-night emergence online came after protracted criticism from lawmakers and former officials about a lack of public reassurance from top federal law enforcement officials in the wake of the shocking assault on the Capitol last Wednesday. The acting U.S.

Live Rounds Announced

National Guardsmen protecting Capitol now armed with lethal weapons

The Guardsmen deployed to the Capitol will also carry a protective helmet, gas masks and Kevlar body armor, she said. She stressed that Guard members are trained to "try everything to de-escalate a situation before having to draw their weapon and use it" as part of civil disturbance response.


GOP Sen. Marco Rubio asks Biden for $2k stimulus checks as sign of unity

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) urged President-elect Joe Biden on Tuesday night to immediately call on Congress to pass $2,000 stimulus checks for the American people as a sign of congressional unity, according to a letter obtained by Axios.

Sign Of The Times

New Chiefs mural unveiled in Kansas City's Crossroads ahead of first playoffs game

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Everywhere you look, Chiefs Kingdom has playoff pride on display. There are flags, banners and signs up across the city, and now the Chiefs have unveiled its newest mural. This new mural, emblazoned with "Chiefs Kingdom" across it, features stars Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, Tyreek Hill and Tyrann Mathieu.

Economy All Wrapped Up

Chipotle seeks 500+ new employees in KC ASAP

Chipotle plans to hire 15,000 new employees across the country in its Coast to Coast Career Day event Thursday. // Courtesy Chipotle Kansas Citians searching for work might be in luck. The restaurant chain plans to hire 560 new employees in Kansas City and 15,000 new employees in total across the country during its "Coast to Coast Career Day" event...

Witness Winter Warm Up

Enjoy the next two days of sunshine & January warmth

Highs will reach the 50s today and Wednesday ahead of a strong Thursday cold front Slight chance of rain or snow Thursday as the colder air moves in Chiefs take on the Browns at Arrowhead on Sunday at 2:05pm & the weather looks cloudy and cold KANSAS CITY'S MOST ACCURATE FORECAST Tuesday: Sunny and even warmer!

Lana Del Rey - Chemtrails Over The Country Club is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now. Keep going for more local links . . .

Midwest Vaxx Stalls

Vaccine rollouts in Kansas, Missouri affected by lagging data

Officials with state health departments in both Kansas and Missouri say a lag in data reporting has affected numbers for vaccine rollouts.As of Tuesday, Centers for Disease Control Data showed Missouri had 485,000 doses distributed, while only 161,784 people had received their first shots.

Marine Saves Mall

Independence police chief recognizes former officer, Marine Corps vet for actions in mall incident

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. - The Independence Police Department is recognizing two men who stepped in to help officers in the latest incident at a troubled mall. In new video from inside Independence Center Sunday, one can see a couple men are fighting when another man literally jumps into action and subdues both of them.

Cooking For Kansas

Positive Connections: Kansas women feed healthcare workers across the state

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) - What started as a simple way to give back has grown into a state-wide effort. "I thought it was a one time deal, thank you for saving my mom's life, you know, but so many, just the response has just been crazy," said Amy Scharosch.

Show-Me Payback

Missouri asks some unemployment recipients to give money back - or face consequences

ST. LOUIS ( -- Unemployment insurance has been a lifeline for so many people during the pandemic, helping struggling people just to make ends meet. News 4 Investigates has uncovered disturbing data that shows the state of Missouri is asking thousands of people to pay the money back or face consequences.

Kansas Combo Ordered

Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly will try again to combine social services departments

TOPEKA, Kan. - Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly plans to try a second time to reorganize Kansas' social services after the Republican-controlled Legislature blocked the move last year. Kelly announced Monday that she will issue an order next week creating a single Department of Human Services to administer programs for children, families, the disabled and older Kansas residents.

Playoff Hype Machine Revs Up

Chiefs fans confident in Divisional game against Browns after bye week

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Cleveland Browns defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers in the last game of the NFL's first Super Wild Card Weekend. Their reward? They face the defending Super Bowl champs next week at Arrowhead Stadium. If they had lost, the Chiefs would have faced the Baltimore Ravens.

Hollywood Loves Big Thrift

KC business owner gets boost after appearance on 'Ellen'

A business owner who appeared on Ellen DeGeneres' show put up her storefront just as the pandemic hit. She was determined to survive. Alesha Bowman made her national debut on KMBC when she and her plus-sized thrift store in Kansas City caught the attention of DeGeneres.

Clean Up Ordered

EPA orders Hy-Vee to stop selling 'Outlaw Germ Justice Disinfectant Wipes'

LENEXA, KS (KCTV) -- The EPA has ordered Hy-Vee to stop selling a brand of disinfectant wipes that are noncompliant with federal law and may put consumers in danger. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency issued the Stop Sale, Use, or Removal Orders to MJB Worldwide and Hy-Vee on Monday.

Lady Soccer Coming Soon

Kansas City's new NWSL team busy ahead of inaugural season

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - It's been a few years, but professional women's soccer is back in Kansas City. KC NWSL revealed its crest, team color and team website. They said it's centered around the club's commitment to play "for Kansas City."

Toast To Bygone Pubs

Tap List | Take a Trip to Nostalgia Town

When nostalgia hits, it hits hard. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, back when things were (somewhat) normal, a verygood friend of mine introduced me to barcades. If memory serves, we went to Up-down Kansas City, an arcade bar located in the Crossroads. Upon entering, I was mesmerized.

Tech Crowdfunds Bills

Meet the latest tech startups joining the ranks of Digital Sandbox KC in the new year

A new year means a jump-started opening for Splitsy and two other Kansas City startups joining the roster of Digital Sandbox KC-funded companies, said Brad Starnes. "We could not thank the Sandbox enough for the opportunity to be in a position to dominate our market quickly and efficiently," said Starnes, president and co-founder of Olathe-based mobile app Splitsy, which allows users to share household bills.

Milking Big Game Glory

Shatto Milk celebrates Chiefs with special-edition Andy Reid milk bottles

The Kansas City metro's favorite dairy farm is once again getting in on the playoff excitement.Shatto Milk Company is releasing its special edition bottle to celebrate the Chiefs' playoff berth.The dairy said 18,000 bottles full of red velvet "Cow Coach Milk" will hit store shelves on Thursday or Friday.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Throw the bum out!

Anonymous said...

Adams Sachs, a Kansas City attorney and undoubtedly a White guy says he was “scared” of other White people raiding the Capitol. Interesting.

Anonymous said...

And Sachs is a fxcking lobbyist? Well, guess what, sport...he ain't lobbying for you. That is one of the most elitist law firms in the area.

Anonymous said...

I’d like to screw that Bella gal really deep and hard.

Anonymous said...

That Adam Sachs sounds like he is a fucking pussy. I doubt whether he has ever been in a fist fight, even in grade school. His mom probably drove him to school so he wouldn’t get beat up.

Anonymous said...

National Guard will not be locked and loaded with live ammunition.

90% support Trump and hate the Communist Democrat Party led by China Joe Biden.

The Communists cannot risk having armed National Guardsmen.

Shows how much the Communist Democrats, Pelosi and Biden are hated when they need 35,000 National Guardsmen and miles of 7 foot razor wire to protect him at his fraudulent Presidential inauguration.

Unprecedented in American History.

To the rest of the world, Biden is going to look like the tin-pot dictator of a banana republic with 35,000 National Guardsmen surrounding him from his own citizens.

Trump was fearless, a man of the people and presented himself regularly in front of tens of thousands of Americans at his rallies and fight against Covid-19. Biden is a coward hiding in his basement, hiding behind 35,000 National Guardsmen.

God Bless America

Anonymous said...

Adams Sachs, a Kansas City attorney and lobbyist says he was “scared” of the people raiding the Capitol.

I bet Sachs never served in Vietnam, Iraq or Afghanistan, the fucking pussy.

Was Sachs afraid they would take his bag of cash to pay off Senators and Representatives?

Anonymous said...

400,000 Americans died in World War Two...only 700 were Blacks. Google it.

Anonymous said...

@7:44 the only true thing you posted was God Bless America!

Trump only had a 37% approval rating among Active Military (including National Guard) BEFORE the failed Coup! He has shown the Military nothing but contempt throughout his entire term in Office, and the disrespect he feels and shows toward America's Military is returned.

You should speak to serving and veteran Military folk before spewing your lies!

Anonymous said...

^^ Did you speak to them before spewing your lies?

Anonymous said...

^^ 37% approval rating of active military personnel is a complete fabrication and lie.

More fake news from the Chinese Troll.

Go out and talk to real military personnel and veterans instead of Salvation Army personnel for your next survey.

Anonymous said...

Democrats are scared to death of Trump and so is big business. Trump must have some pretty big dirt on them for them to be this scared and it's about time someone put a stop to these politicians both democrat and republican. I can't wait until this plays out to see what happens.

When you see them you surround them you push back you tell them to leave your establishment.......Maxine Waters inciting violence.

Anonymous said...

7:59 - Same thing in the Korean War. The 24th Regiment constantly dropped their weapons, cut and run leaving a huge gap in the American lines for the North Koreans and Chinese to pour through which led to the deaths of thousands of other American soldiers.

The 24th Regiment left so many weapons and artillery on the battlefield in multiple engagements that they ultimately armed a Chinese Division with American weaponry.

Anonymous said...

@7:59, prior to 1947, Blacks served in segregated units, and it was Pentagon policy to keep them out of combat. The deaths you speak of were a result of this.

Where African Americans were allowed near combat, (US Navy, US Army Service units, US Army Air Corps) the percentage of deaths of involved servicemen was the same as for any other ethnicity, except for the Americans of Japanese ancestry, who had a percentage of combat deaths almost three times that of anyone else.

Google THAT, Pal!

Anonymous said...

100% of geezer whites are domestic terrorists. Google that.

Anonymous said...

^^ 8:35 loses again. Had to resort to his middle-school insults.

Anonymous said...

8:35 has sucked a tremendous amount of dick. On Google, look it up under Guinness World Records.

Anonymous said...

the marxist color revolution coup is complete.

Horsedick.mpeg said...

8:35 sucks my dick daily!

Anonymous said...

before trump lost election pump prices were $1.68 - 1.72 per gallon KS side.

now i'm seeing $2.10 -2.15 per gallon. like i mentioned before, i knew it was gonna be like this if re-election attempt was a failed endeavor.

2.15 jan 13 2021
- 1.72 nov. 1 2020
.43 difference - less bang for the buck surely to be worse later down the road.

Anonymous said...

^^and yet oil prices have absolutely nothing to do with Presidential elections. Weird that high school students know this, but you don't. So weird.

Anonymous said...

Naked PrimaDonna Main Streams

Anonymous said...

Those working class Americans just voted themselves a $4,000 pay cut as gas prices will soon be $4 a gallon again like under the Obama Administration plus the increase tax rate of 39.6% will diminish their pay checks.

Of course during the debates, Marxist Chris Wallace and others never discussed increased taxes or gas prices under the Biden plan. Wallace had to resort to race-baiting and white supremacy accusations to cover for Biden.

Trump got us energy independent; thus $1.71 a gallon gas for your daily commute. Democrats will tax and regulate United States oil and gas producers for their green new deal.

Saw also that Biden is going to slap a 39.6% tax on capital gains.

The economy is going to tank big time in the next 4 years.

Anonymous said...

"90% support Trump and hate the Communist Democrat Party led by China Joe Biden."

And yet 52% of all Americans support impeachment. Weird.

"I bet Sachs never served in Vietnam, Iraq or Afghanistan, the fucking pussy."

And where did you serve, 7:48, McDonalds, Wendy's or Burger King?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

donald said/hinted/warned that if he didn't win 10:14 that we'd be saying bye-bye to cheap oil prices so yes I'd think that oil and prez. elections go hand in hand, even more so with this time around.

when i was in high school gas was .69 to .74 per gallon - the lowest i remember seeing was .49 per gallon.

Anonymous said...

^^and yet that's not how it works at all loser. Elections have zero to do with it. Lying geriatric fucktard. Weird.

Anonymous said...

life will suck when you have to pay $4.00 or more for ONE gallon of gas for whatever you drive for getting around. i went through it the first time with obama - it sucked very much.

maybe you were in grade school back then. maybe you remember not enough food on the table to eat at times, ragged clothes, not enough underwear to go around for all the siblings, etc. - you can blame that on high oil prices - what goes in the tank can't possibly make it to the table is all i'm really saying.

i understand about you all not liking trump because of being a racist or what have you - if i were to be in the same shoes i'd very likely vote and opine about trump like the rest of you - fortunately i don't have to think like that.

Anonymous said...

8:17, in other words, the Blacks got off easy in World War Two. Was that your point?

Anonymous said...

@11:34AM-Be quiet, you're not convincing anyone of anything. You have zero idea what oil prices are tied to. Nobody wants to hear anything you have to say.

Gen. Curtis LeMay said...

...So, just what do we have to 'show' for 15yrs. of combat in Afghanistan?
We're pulling out, what's changed?..noth-ing!
what's going to 'happen' once we're gone?
.....back to what it was before we got there! that's what~!

Worthless 'RumpMonkey Farts!

Anonymous said...

^^^But it was the Democrats who said get the troops out of Iraq, Afghanistan is where they should be fighting terrorists.

Anonymous said...

^^But it was the Republicans who got us in the wars though fucktard.

John Dittermand said...

Excellent article. Here's a rich, powerful Jew lobbyi$t installing his spawn as a congressional intern, when a mob of angry patriots burst into the building, scaring the piss out of the rich, powerful, government-subverting Jew. I just love good journalism !

Anonymous said...

THERE IS NO UNITY as long as democrats continue this witch hunt of anyone who has EVER spoke the name of TRUMP!!!!!