Kansas City Marijuana Road Caution Redux

Because TKC wants readers to stay safe, here's just another reminder about all of the dopes on the road according to po-po.

Drive carefully .  . . Take a peek, but not behind the wheel:

Kansas City Police Blame Cannabis For Rise In Fatal Vehicle Crashes | Benzinga

This article by Gregory Frye was originally published on T he Bluntness, and appears here with permission. According to the Kansas City Police Department, the number of fatal car crashes involving cannabis has more than doubled in the past two years.


Anonymous said…
Cops should carry vasoline. If ypur caught driving with your phone in your hand, you should be required to stand next to the road and stick that phone up your dumb ass.
Anonymous said…
I drive better stoned.
Anonymous said…
what about data for which types of vehicles were involved in accidents.

some of these new fangled, high riding suv type rides must also be loaded with blind spots thus causing an uptick in crashes.
Tab said…
Most new vehicles have blind spot monitoring.