Thursday, January 14, 2021

Kansas City Looters Hit Waldo Heights

Sign of times and yet another confirmation that we're all not "in it together" as local desperation and poverty grows worse.

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Waldo Heights resident's apartment ransacked after fire

Tenants from the Waldo Heights Apartment complex fire last month have been displaced and without their belongings for weeks. A bad situation got worse for one resident, when she finally got the chance to go back inside her unit for the first time since Dec. 28 only to find it had been ransacked.


Anonymous said...

Remember, Diversity is our strength.

But We are all the same.

Evolution only applies to animals, plants, insects, viruses, bacteria, just not people.

Tab said...

Well, well, well...the judgemental eating their own. How Dim0crat of them....oh yeah blm my victim...I mean my brother..eyeroll illiterate slime

Anonymous said...

Ransacked = QAnon, White Supremacists or the Incelwaffen