Sunday, January 10, 2021

Kansas City Homeless Man Who Froze To Death Remembered This Weekend

Postscript on a tragic story that garnered metro social media outrage and calls to action for about 36 hours until D.C. political turmoil offered far more gratifying moralistic posts for social media keyboard warriors.

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KC man who died experiencing homelessness laid to rest Saturday

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A man who died while experiencing homelessness in Kansas City, Missouri, was laid to rest on Saturday. Scott "Sixx" Eicke, 41, was found Jan. 1 in the area of East 24th Street and Woodland Avenue


Anonymous said...

Prayers for the deceased, a horrible way to die. WTF is going on at Chan 41? We suffered through the married anchor couple, they won't use mug shots when Bad Hombre's get arrested again and now say the guy "experienced homelessness"? You experience a fine meal, a weekend at Vail, a week at the beach. You don't *experience homelessness* in the winter like it's choice, it is a sad condition. Give the deceased some dignity and call it was it was, the poor soul was homeless. The only local media worth watching is Chan 4 and even they get flakey sometimes.

Anonymous said...

RIP Scott

Anonymous said...

8:02 comment

I feel your pain.
"A man who died while experiencing homelessness" What? Who wrote that?

KSHB 41 is full of those in the "Woke" crowd.
Dia Wall, Gabriella Pumpkin, Kevin Holmes, and more, promoting the Plaza riots this summer. Even though their own news vehicle was torched, haha!

Anonymous said...

What have you done for any homeless ? Please post all your benevolent replies while worried about what others did or did not do. You haven't did shit. Face it.

Anonymous said...

6:41 wrote "You haven't did shit."

Unlike you, I did pass my English grammar classes.
6:41 shoots himself in the ass!