Kansas City Homeless Hangout Burns

First damages this locale that most neighbors despise. Of course there's suspicions about push back and the earnest, charitable efforts that mostly serve to blight this block.

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Donation center catches fire and backlash for dangerous activity

The pink and white building is hard to miss with large painted letters and dozens of colorful signs. Saturday afternoon, a dark cloud of smoke could be seen from blocks away over the building near 44th St.


  1. Total accident I'm sure.

  2. Why did Biden* let this happen?


  3. 75-200 million – the number of people across Europe and Asia believed to have perished in the pandemic.

    450 million – the approximate world population prior to the Black Death.

    350–375 million – the estimated global population after the pandemic.

    4 years – the length of time the Black Death peaked in Europe.

    40-50% – the estimated death toll in Europe.

    There are comparisons, but the black Death was orders of magnitude worse on every level, per capita and literal numbers, than the Covid.

    The Covid to date is listed as 412,512 and infections to date are 24,704,417.

    You can trust those numbers like you can the FBI telling you the truth seeking a FISA warrant. They are a lie.

    Hospitals are dramatically reimbursed for Covid vis a vis the flu etc, so administrators list EVERYTHING they possibly can as Covid. D卐M☭CRATs realized early on (Right after Fauci said no one should wear a mask.) that the fear porn and destruction of the economy benefitted them in their quest to take back the White House. The draconian implementation of pernicious, counterproductive fiats, delivered like Middle Ages Papal Bulls were bullshit and they knew it, but destroying business' and people's lives were a small price to pay for the acquisition of power. The fear porn dovetailed nicely with the media's attacks and successful attempts to pin the bloated death numbers on Trump.

    In the middle ages, our "experts" put leeches on us in order to cure us.

    The "Cure" then was almost as bad as the disease.

    Here in 2020, our "experts" again, sucked the blood out of us in order to make bank, acquire power and achieve sinecure in the most corrupt city on the planet, Wshington D.C.

    Wear your slave mask today while thinking of just how evil our so called "Leaders" and "Experts" really are.

  4. oops - wrong thread sorry.

  5. Covid is a bad flu. It was politicized into something that it isn't. Tyrants across the globe have permanent hard ons with this new found power. And yes, that includes Biden*.

  6. ^^Whaaa!!! Whaaa!!!!

  7. Somebody get 9:31 a pacifier please.

  8. Donation center my ass, drugs fly out of there faster than 9:31 sucks all of Westport fags dicks.


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