Kansas City Ghost Kitchen Rebirth Explained

The decimated Kansas City restaurant scene continues to fight for survival during these "dark days" of Winter and one aspect of their struggle follows a national trend.

Given that most of us are merely eating from Styrofoam containers when we want something "fancy" and don't feel like cooking . . . These locals are filling that need by way of mobile phone tech.

Here's the best write-up on the effort that we've seen so far . . .

What are ghost kitchens - and why are they suddenly everywhere?

Jacob Kruger has a confession: He didn't know what a ghost kitchen was until after he opened one. The chef is currently operating Cosmo Burger, which serves juicy smashed burgers exclusively for carryout from the kitchen at Dodson's Bar and Commons in Kansas City, but he wasn't familiar with the idea of a ghost kitchen - which is quickly becoming one of the industry's hottest trends - until he read a Kansas City Star article about his new concept last fall.


Anonymous said…

Ghost kitchens are everywhere because they are trying to survive without Quinton Lucas bullying them and trying to put everyone out of business to satisfy his twisted grand plans of big business to fill his pockets with kickbacks. Quinton Lucas does not like you working he wants you out! He wants to be a big man and fondle the globalists you don't count. BTW Lucas will never make it.
Anonymous said…
a^^And yet he’s mayor any you? You’re here. You lose!