Saturday, January 02, 2021

Kansas City Foodie Faves Revealed

It's always interesting to see what places the pros pick when it's their turn to enjoy cowtown dining options. Some great suggestions in this list . . . Take a look:

Yoli Tortilleria's Marissa Gencarelli Picks Her Most Memorable Meals of 2020 - In Kansas City

Marissa Gencarelli may not be a chef per se. Instead she thinks of herself as a "food explorer who owns a food business," she says. The Sonora, Mexico, native launched the well-received Yoli Tortilleria with her husband, Mark, in 2017 in the Westside neighborhood at 17th and Jefferson Streets.


KC said...

Maybe I'll stick with IHOP (International House Of Puke) where the cold eggs, unbuttered toast, and crappy service are always consistent...

Anonymous said...

Raw eggs on raw Oysters served on ice sure requires a lot of creativeness on the "Chef's" part.

Puke on a Plate!

Anonymous said...

She'd LOVE my "Cholo Creme De Cholo"