Kansas City Faith Leaders Work To Forge Cooperation Betwixt Community & Police

The historic rate of killing on local streets has, thankfully, inspired some locals to cast aside their mostly pointless political affiliations.

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KC Faith Leaders Target Violent Crime in 'Getting to the Heart of the Matter'

Violent crime in Kansas City - especially gun violence - has been out of control for years, and the Rev. Darron Lamonte Edwards, lead pastor of the United Community Believers Church, is sick of it. So he and several other clergy members began working in partnership with the Kansas City Police Department last summer to see if they could find ways to reduce it.


  1. It's not the police, it's the mayor, judges and the prosecuting attorney. The city is short of police and the black community works against the police. The mayor is racist and a police hater why do you think he is having the black panther thugs in town to act as security. So to go to the police is not going to solve anything it's the racist mayor and he isn't going to listen to anyone. He's a reprobate.

  2. ^^^^ plus 1000!

  3. The article is by Bill Tammeus. Any questions?

  4. The same faith leaders that always come out against the police!! Yea, good luck with this endeavor!!!

  5. The heart of the matter" is that black people are killing one another at an alarming rate, mostly over nothing at all, year after year.
    And what passes for "the black faith community" makes bank on the despair of their own community, criticizes and discourages residents from working with the police, and blames everyone OTHER than the people actually perpetrating the homicides.
    Year after year after year.

  6. The same faith leaders say this about five times a year and it changes nothing, I guess they have to say these things to keep getting free money from city hall.

  7. Right! Wanna buy a bridge?

  8. Reverend Stone2/1/21, 12:33 AM

    I have nevar heard gawd say bad things about folks, except when talking about Billy Tampax or fat revs, but while wiping the last of the snow off his head this afternoon, he said he was tempted to settle their hash once and for all.
    He calmed down after a wax rock top job, and decided to let them stew in their own stupidity.

    I axed him for a new Escalade, but he tole me to Fuck Off. Oh well, we had a large turnout today, lots of human squirrels & tree squirrels (like ^^boi). Backyard really muddy, but worth it. We now have an assistant pastor. His title is Mythical Skyman Acolyte or simply Brother Billy Bob. He's also a preaching snake handler but says we are a little too far North for a good supply of snakes. I mentioned our "Faith Leaders" and he brightened up. Hmmm.......

    Reverend Bishop Stone(d)
    The Church of The Backyard Rock

  9. Just pull the police out entirely and let the “community” solve the violent crime problem. Once government is no longer in the middle, it’ll all be fine. Lol

  10. Whenever I see the words "Faith Leader", I flush immediately.

  11. If you have no faith, then "faith leaders" is a meaningless term. There are just as many "faith leaders" committing crimes and sins as anyone else, and likely more by percentage. Faith leaders aren't any more reasonable or good than someone who doesn't have faith. I don't need a faith leader to tell me what is good or bad, what I should and shouldn't do. I don't need a god to tell me not to do harm to others, discriminate, or cheat on my spouse. Someone would say I am born with god on my heart. Which god? Christians claim their god is the one true god. Others strongly disagree, and will kill you for disparaging their god. Like the above post, when I see "faith leader" referred to in any capacity, I think that those being led are gullible fools. Do churches do good things? Sure. Are there good people who go to church? That too! But, without church, would those same people turn evil? Without "faith leaders," would those people be shooting up their neighborhoods, killing people, doing drugs, and stealing? I have more faith in humans than that. Dump the fat revruns. There is no one more phony than the "faith leader" known as Reverends Al Sharpton. Cleaver is a close second. What a joke. A-woman. JFC how ignorant. And this is a "faith leader."

    1. Very much a criminal2/2/21, 3:15 AM

      John Miles

  12. The rest of us would have to have lots of faith to believe anything the "faith leaders" say is true.

  13. "Violence Free Zones" . . . yes, what a novel idea that ALWAYS proves so effective.

    The "faithless leaders" have no interest in actually trying to make things better. If they did, they'd focus on the behavior of the residents in their communities, rather that throwing up false narratives about the cops, inequality, victimization, white privilege, slavery anecdotes, etc etc etc.

    There's no money in trying to actually solve the problem. The revs only get fat when the problem continues (or worsens).


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